Mascus available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Mascus, the worldwide premium media for heavy machinery and transportation vehicles adds three new languages to its platform

Four more languages for Mascus

Mascus, the worldwide premium media for heavy machinery and transportation vehicles, owner of used equipment marketplace and heavy machinery directory is now available in four more languages. Last month, the used machinery marketplace gained the following domains; www.mascus.jp for Japan, www.mascus.co.kr for South Korea, www.mascus.cn in Chinese Simplified for China and www.mascus.com.tw in Chinese Traditional for Taiwan. "We have been growing all the time. Currently, we are present in whole Europe, and we have offices in South Africa, North America and Australia and the expansion in Asia was a natural outcome.", says Fredrik Larsson, Mascus Managing director. "Adding these Asian domains was the first step in the project Mascus Asia, from now on we are looking for the right partners in the region to sustain our business.", he adds.

Future Expansion in Asia

"Asia seemed like a logical continuation of Mascus’ internationalization strategy," agrees Anders Nilsson, responsible Mascus Asia, who also believes that the continents’ size and geographical nearness to Europe, North Americas and Australia and New Zealand is important for the export dealers.

Mascus’ internationalization plans in Asia are obvious also from the recently launched domains in Arabic and Turkish. "Yes, whole Asia is important! In the current economical situation, Middles East, China, India and other Asian countries turn out to be significant players in the world economics. Many OEMs originate from Asia and this assigns the continent an important role in the heavy equipment and transportation vehicles sectors.", Mr. Nilsson concludes.

Mascus in 33 languages all together

After adding the four more domains to Mascus platform, now Mascus' used machinery marketplace will be available in 33 languages altogether.

"More languages, more domains and more countries, means more visitors and buyers to the marketplace and our directory. Now buyers from East Asia, have opportunity to browse used machinery and equipment on Mascus, in their native languages, which is a great benefit for our customers." says Tomasz Odrobinski, Marketing / Internationalization Director. "We, at Mascus, have always had our customers’ best interest in mind. ", he adds.


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About Mascus:
is an electronic marketplace for used farm machinery, forestry, and groundscare equipment and transport vehicles. Product ranges include used tractors, used trailers, used trucks, diggers, box trailers, mini diggers and excavators. Mascus makes trading in used machinery and equipment quicker and more efficient by collecting information about supply and demand in one place. All dealers, producers and end users are welcome to offer their used machines and equipment for sale via the marketplace.

Mascus is a trading company of Alma Media Corporation.

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