Mascus Purchases a Farm Animal for Charity

Mascus invests Christmas card money in charity to support families in Africa

Instead of sending Christmas cards to all our customers,
this year Mascus have decided to purchase a cow for a family in need in Kenya.

cow image

By purchasing a Holstein (Friesian) cow, Mascus will make a difference in the lives of a Kenyan family in need. The cow will provide a family with ten litres of milk on average every day. Half of this goes for sale and the other half is used for producing daily meals. Cow milk is very important nutrition source especially for children. Part of the donated money will be used in the village for training in the keeping of cattle and other agricultural activities.

We hope that donating a 'Mascus' Cow to a family in need in Kenya, will give the real Christmas spirit to all of our customers and the Mascus Team.

The Mascus Team wishes you all Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

We just need a lot of wrapping paper!

Mascus Team

To get further information of this type of contribution, follow the link to the World Vision's Website.