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    Used Tillage Machines For Sale

    Browse used tillage machines for sale at Mascus, the specialist online marketplace for used agricultural machinery, construction machinery and heavy duty vehicles. From tractors and harvesters, to wheels and engines, we provide you with the opportunity to buy and sell the best used machinery. Discover our wide range of tillage machinery products from leading brands such as Kverneland, Kuhn and Vaderstad.

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    • Vaderstad rexius twin 3m cultivator, Cultivators

      Vaderstad rexius twin 3m cultivatorDrive configuration: Trailed, Working width: 300, Production country: SE, Other information: 3.3 meter working width, 3 rows of spring tines, levellAttachments: 3.3 meter working width, 3 rows of spring tines, levelling board hydraulic adjustable, double ring packer, lights, 400/60/15.5 wheels. www.j


      United Kingdom, carr house afrm, slingsby, york, yo624ax

      10,700 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 39, Cultivators

      Massey Ferguson 39Working width: 350, Other information: MASSEY FERGUSON 3.50M 39 CULTIVATOR,HYDRAULIC FOLDING MOUNTED


      United Kingdom, Horncastle, LN96JN

      475 GBP
    • Simba CULTIPRESS 3.3, Cultivators

      Simba CULTIPRESS 3.3Other information: SIMBA 3.3 METRE CULTIPRESS C/W DD ROLLER


      United Kingdom, Spilsby, PE235HQ

      5,950 GBP
    • Vaderstad topdown 5m cultivator, Cultivators

      Vaderstad topdown 5m cultivatorDrive configuration: Trailed, Working width: 500, Other information: double row of disc`s c/w rubber shock protection, auto reset legs, steel wedAttachments: double row of disc`s c/w rubber shock protection, auto reset legs, steel wedge packer, star disc`s, stocks ag turbo jet rape seeder, 520/50/


      United Kingdom, carr house farm, slingsby, york, yo624ax

      25,500 GBP
    • Lemken EurOpal 7, 2003, Rollers

      Lemken Europal 7 4Furrow Plough For SaleOther information: 3+1. Manual Variwidth 35 - 45cm. BS40 Slatts. Pin adjust Skimmers.Excellent wearing metal. Hydraulic release Press Arm.

      United Kingdom

      5,350 GBP
    • Dowdeswell DP100S Plough, 1994, Conventional ploughs

      Dowdeswell DP100S PloughOther information: 5 Furrow,UCN bodies,rear disc

      Conventional ploughs
      United Kingdom

      2,500 GBP
    •  philip watkins quadtill, Cultivators

      philip watkins quadtillDrive configuration: Trailed, Working width: 500, Other information: 2 rows of scalloped disc`s c/w rubber shock protection, 8 simba hydraulic reAttachments: 2 rows of scalloped disc`s c/w rubber shock protection, 8 simba hydraulic reset subsoiler legs, double row of vibro flex tines, hydraulic ad


      United Kingdom, slingsby york

      19,000 GBP
    •  Albutt SP70 7FT SNOW PLOUGH, Chisel ploughs

      Albutt SP70 7FT SNOW PLOUGHDrive configuration: Mounted, Other information: Albutt SP70 7ft snow plough with euro brackets, Angle adjust  Very good condition  £1,750

      Chisel ploughs

      United Kingdom, KENT

      1,750 GBP
    •  Kilworth Cultivator, Cultivators

      Kilworth CultivatorOther information: approx 11ft wide tined c/w steel, wheels (not fitted)


      United Kingdom

      800 GBP
    • Simba 2B, 1990, Disc harrows

      Simba series 2b 6m folding disc`sDrive configuration: Trailed, Working width: 600, Other information: Year 1990, hydraulic lift and fold and front angle adjustment, manual rear adjustment, very good disc`s.

      Disc harrows
      United Kingdom

      5,250 GBP
    • Simba 12M Rollers, Cultivators

      Simba 12M RollersOther information: details to follow


      United Kingdom

      8,900 GBP
    •  5.2m Massey Ferguson Spring Tine Cultivator, Cultivators

      5.2m Massey Ferguson Spring Tine CultivatorOther information: 5.2 meter working width, hydraulic folding up/down, 4 adjustable depth wheels, 3 rows of spring


      United Kingdom

      1,100 GBP
    • Horsch Pronto 4 DC, 2009, Other tillage machines and accessories

      Horsch Pronto 4DCGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Other information: Grain Only, Pre Emergance Markers, 10,000 ACRES,

      Other tillage machines and accessories
      United Kingdom, Main address

      18,500 GBP
    • Simba 2B, Cultivators

      Simba Series 2B Disc`sOther information: Hydraulic lift and fold, 24 inch front discs, 25 inch rear discs, 400/60/15.5 tyres. ...


      United Kingdom

      5,500 GBP
    • Dowdeswell 4M DISC, Disc harrows

      Dowdeswell 4M DISCDrive configuration: Trailed, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Working width: 400, Other information: GWO

      Disc harrows

      United Kingdom, KENT

      3,500 GBP
    • Simba solo 4m auto-reset, Cultivators

      Simba solo 4m auto-resetWorking width: 400, Other information: Year 1999, hydraulic lift and fold, 25 inch scalloped disc`s, 6 hydraulic auto-reset legs, dd packer c/w scraperAttachments: Year 1999, hydraulic lift and fold, 25 inch scalloped disc`s, 6 hydraulic auto-reset legs, dd packer c/w scrapers, auto greaser, rear drawba


      United Kingdom, slingsby

      7,500 GBP
    • Dowdeswell DP120S Plough For sale, 1997, Rollers

      Dowdeswell DP120S Plough For saleOther information: 5+1. Manual Variwidth. Hyd Front Furrow. Good metal. 36" Point to Point. 29" Point to Beam Clearance.

      United Kingdom

      4,250 GBP
    •  CR650, 2001, Cultivators

      CR650Front tyres remaining: RearTyreCondition%, Attachments: OtherInformation

      United Kingdom, SPALDING

      13,500 GBP
    •  Spaldings Flat Lift, Cultivators

      Spaldings Flat LiftOther information: c/w Seeder unit


      United Kingdom

      7,500 GBP
    • Great Plains X-Press, 2017, Cultivators

      Great Plains 3m Mounted XpressGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Working width: 300, Other information: New Great Plains 3m Mounted XpressAttachments: Adjustable disc Notched disc DDL rear roller

      United Kingdom, Lincolnshire

      8,990 GBP

    Types Of Used Tillage Machinery Available at Mascus

    Expect high quality machinery at an affordable price when you browse with Mascus. Our used tillage machines offer a variety of different styles and models from leading brands in the agricultural industry. Choose from cultivators and rollers, to power harrows and rototillers for reliable agricultural machinery from a variety of brands.

    Use our simple search engine to narrow your search, selecting exactly the tillage machine you require. Choose Mascus for brands such as John Deere, Kverneland KD832, 2002, Mixer feeders Kverneland, Lemken and more for a widespread choice when it comes to selecting the right farm tillage equipment for you.

    How do I sell my used tillage machines?

    Looking to sell your tillage machinery with Mascus? The process is simple – before selling anything, you will need to complete registration on our website. Register as an End User if this is your first time trading with Mascus, or if you occasionally buy and sell agricultural machinery with us. However, if you are regularly buying and selling through our site, your best option is to register as a Dealer. This will allow you access to additional features on Mascus website with a provided free password.

    Once registration has been completed and verified, which usually takes 24 hours, you can begin creating your advert. Once you are happy with the design and the detailing with regard to relevant information about your product, payment can be taken in the form of credit card. However, if you are registered as a Dealer, the option of a quarterly invoice can be chosen – whatever is the easiest option for you.

    How do I buy used tillage machines?

    Buying your tillage machinery could not be easier. From using our helpful search engine and narrowing down your criteria, select a product or item which you would be interested in purchasing. This allows you to view all relevant information about the product and the seller’s location. Once chosen, you will be required to fill out a contact form which states your preferred method of contact – this can be either on the telephone or by email. The seller can then get in touch with you directly and your farm tillage equipment will be on its way to you.

    Carry on browsing through our site to see all of our agricultural equipment and machinery.