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    Wheeled Excavators For Sale

    At Mascus, we have a wide selection of used wheeled excavators for sale, designed for rapid earth moving with great digging power and mobility, meaning they can perform a variety of tasks – from digging deep trenches and breaking holes to moving waste and excavating mines. Browse the available listings below to find the best wheeled excavator for your needs, including wheel diggers, mini wheeled excavators and more.
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    • Featured
      Takeuchi TB295W, 2017, Wheeled excavatorsTakeuchi TB295W

      Wheeled excavators
      2017 5,679 h
      United Kingdom, LUTON

      48,750 GBP
    • JCB JS 160 W, 2016, Wheeled excavatorsJCB JS 160 W

      Wheeled excavators
      2016 10,511 h
      United Kingdom, Scotland

      37,500 GBP
    • Featured
      Volvo EWR 150 E, 2019, Wheeled excavatorsVolvo EWR 150 E

      Wheeled excavators
      2019 3,983 h
      United Kingdom, Co.Tyrone

      104,995 GBP
    • Komatsu PW118, 2019, Wheeled excavatorsKomatsu PW118MR-11

      Wheeled excavators
      2019 2,857 h
      United Kingdom, Redditch

    • Bobcat E 57 W, 2021, Wheeled excavatorsBobcat E 57 W

      Wheeled excavators
      2021 567 h
      United Kingdom

    • Atlas 1504, Wheeled excavatorsAtlas 1504

      Wheeled excavators
      18,184 h
      United Kingdom

      16,500 GBP
    • Volvo EWR 150 E, 2022, Wheeled excavatorsVolvo EWR 150 E

      Wheeled excavators
      2022 500 h
      United Kingdom

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    • JCB JS 145 W, 2017, Wheeled excavatorsJCB JS 145 W

      Wheeled excavators
      2017 3,221 h
      United Kingdom, United Kingdom

    • Featured
      Takeuchi TB295W, 2015, Wheeled excavatorsTakeuchi TB295W

      Wheeled excavators
      2015 9,095 h
      United Kingdom

      38,750 GBP
    • Takeuchi TB175W, 2012, Wheeled excavatorsTakeuchi TB175W

      Wheeled excavators
      2012 9,162 h
      United Kingdom

      32,500 GBP
    • Doosan DX 210 W, 2008, Wheeled excavatorsDoosan DX 210 W

      Wheeled excavators
      2008 6,860 h
      United Kingdom, Worcestershire

      36,750 GBP
    • Hyundai Robex 140, 2016, Wheeled excavatorsHyundai HW140

      Wheeled excavators
      2016 5,004 h
      United Kingdom, Molson Bristol

    • Takeuchi TB295W, 2015, Wheeled excavatorsTakeuchi TB295W

      Wheeled excavators
      2015 2,988 h
      United Kingdom, Essex

      40,000 GBP
    • Takeuchi TB175W, 2010, Wheeled excavatorsTakeuchi TB175W

      Wheeled excavators
      2010 7,500 h
      United Kingdom, Lanark

      29,500 GBP
    • JCB JS 200 W, 2017, Wheeled excavatorsJCB JS 200 W

      Wheeled excavators
      2017 2,500 h
      United Kingdom, Oswestry

      68,500 GBP
    • JCB JS 200 W, 2017, Wheeled excavatorsJCB JS 200 W

      Wheeled excavators
      2017 5,500 h
      United Kingdom, Oswestry

      45,000 GBP
    • Takeuchi TB295W, 2021, Wheeled excavatorsTakeuchi TB295W

      Wheeled excavators
      2021 1,363 h
      United Kingdom

      83,500 GBP
    • Hyundai Robex 160, 2016, Wheeled excavatorsHyundai R160W-9A Wheeled Excavator

      Wheeled excavators
      2016 6,200 h
      United Kingdom, Liverpool

      47,000 GBP
    • Doosan DX 160 W-3, 2005, Wheeled excavatorsDoosan DX 160 W

      Wheeled excavators
      United Kingdom, CHAWSTON

      39,995 GBP
    • Komatsu PW180, 2019, Wheeled excavatorsKomatsu PW180-11

      Wheeled excavators
      2019 1,374 h
      United Kingdom, Belfast


    Benefits of Wheeled Excavators

    Built with stability arms and dozer attachments, wheeled excavators are fit for a range of projects. Some of the best wheeled excavators offer multiple benefits, including:

    • Power: They are equally as powerful as other options, and just as productive. They may not reach as larger depths, but with the use of stabilisers, they can often provide more lifting power, with more lifting capacity.
    • Versatility: You can use them for a number of different jobs, including road work, handling heavy material and utility installation.
    • Costs: While they are often more expensive, they avoid the long-term maintenance expenses. And, when you buy a used wheeled excavator, you cut down on expenses even more.

    Wheeled excavators are extremely convenient, and reduce the need for a lowboy trailer, as they travel at a high enough speed for shorter distances.

    How to Sell Used Wheeled Excavators

    Looking to sell your used Caterpillar wheeled excavator? Mascus UK makes selling your second-hand equipment easy. To get started, become an End User to create your ad, or sign up as a Dealer to sell your used equipment regularly. Some of the benefits you’ll receive as a Mascus member are:

    • The Mascus Publisher Tool. With just a few clicks, you can design a branded catalogue of your stock, save it as a PDF and share it with your customers via email.
    • The Mascus Price Indicator. Receive an automatic valuation of your used milk storage equipment, so you don’t have to rely on your own research. Use the tool to estimate finance value, set a repurchase price and manage sales.
    • The Mascus Reporting Tool. View data on the performance of your online ads, stock and company profile on Mascus. Presented in graphs and tables, you have easy access to this information.

    Once your registration has been confirmed and you are a member, you can create the advert for your used wheeled excavators. When building your listing, be sure to include several clear images from various angles to ensure that buyers receive a complete view of the item. You should also highlight the key product information to encourage buyers to purchase from you. As a general rule, the more detail you can provide, the more likely you are to attract a sale.

    How to Buy Wheel Diggers and Wheeled Excavators

    Looking for the best wheeled excavator for your business? At Mascus, we have a range of standard and mini wheeled excavators for sale – including top-of-the-range Volvo wheeled excavators. Our platform allows you to narrow down your search using a number of factors, including:

    • Brand
    • Location of seller
    • Price
    • Year of manufacture

    These handy filters can make your buying experience much easier and more efficient. Simply use the left-hand panel to choose your preferences and ensure the wheel diggers you’re looking at are right for you. Once you’ve selected your requirements, pick the item you need and then enter your contact details and the seller will be in touch.

    Don’t know where to start? Take a look at the available listings for used Volvo wheeled excavators.