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Kuhn wrappers for sale

Looking for the best way to store your hay and materials? Find a range of available listings of used bale wrappers at Mascus – a leading marketplace for the top UK agricultural equipment and machinery. We have a selection of used bale wrappers for sale from various sellers in multiple locations. Browse the available listings below, narrowing down your search to suit your preferences. Find equipment like Elho bale wrappers and McHale bale wrappers for sale.
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Kuhn RW 1410 CImages12Videos1
Kuhn RW 1410 C

Wrappers • 2021 • Zonhoven, Limburg, BE • Feetra BV

11,933 GBP
Kuhn RW 1200 CImages5

Wrappers • 2023 • 97461 Hofheim, DE • Kotschenreuther Forst- & Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG


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Kuhn RW 1200 CImages5

Wrappers • Cloppenburg, DE • August Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH

Kuhn RW 1200 CImages4

Wrappers • Aurich, DE • August Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH

Kuhn RW 1200 CImages9

Wrappers • 2023 • Sittensen, DE • A1-Traktor.de - Tiemann Landtechnik GmbH & Co.

15,055 GBP
Kuhn RW 1410 CImages11

Wrappers • 2023 • Sittensen, DE • A1-Traktor.de - Tiemann Landtechnik GmbH & Co.

20,017 GBP
Kuhn RW 1200 CImages13
Kuhn RW 1200 C

Wrappers • 2021 • Bad Lauterberg / Barbis, DE • Deppe & Stücker GmbH

13,516 GBP
Kuhn RW 1200 CImages5

Wrappers • 2022 • 95213 Münchberg, DE • Kotschenreuther Forst- & Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

12,364 GBP
Kuhn RW 1410 CImages4

Wrappers • 2021 • Klein Bünzow, DE • August Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH

14,927 GBP
Kuhn RW1410MImages5

Wrappers • 2024 • Millersburg, Ohio, US • Ag-Pro - Millersburg, OH

19,312 GBP
Kuhn RW1600Images8
Kuhn RW1600

Wrappers • Østerbækvej 4, DK • Tingheden A/S

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Benefits of Hale Bay Wrappers

Wrappers can be used in conjunction with various choices of materials, including twine, plastic wrap or net wrap – all coming with their own individual benefits. But what are the overall benefits of using wrappers?

  • Baling hay in large round bale wrappers, rather than smaller square bales, will require less labour to bale and move.
  • Round bale wrappers can be stored outside, as any rain and snow will naturally roll off the sides, rather than sitting on top.
  • They ensure that the material is properly baled and stored, which means it can last longer without losing its quality and offering thorough protection against weather risks.
  • By wrapping dry hay, you improve the digestibility of the material.
  • When there are no silos available, they offer a less expensive solution for making a 15-20% protein forage feed.

Find out how to buy and sell used bale wrappers below.

How to Sell Used Bale Wrappers

Our platform makes selling your used bale wrappers easy. Become an End User to sell your hay bale wrappers and other second-hand bale wrappers, or become a Dealer to sell used agricultural equipment regularly. Some of the benefits of being a Dealer on our platform are:

  • Access to the Mascus Reporting Tool to gain additional insights into your hay bale wrappers’ advertisement performance.
  • Reach a different audience by advertising your stock on your company Facebook page.
  • Create branded emails to further promote stock and improve brand engagement.

Once your registration has been confirmed, you can create the advert for your second-hand bale wrapper. Include plenty of clear product images and highlight the key information to encourage buyers to purchase your used agricultural equipment. As a general rule, the more information you can provide, the more likely you are to make a sale.

How to Buy Second-hand Bale Wrappers

Are you looking to buy a used McHale bale wrapper to add to your collection? We have a range of used branded round bale wrappers on Mascus UK. Wanting something specific? Our platform allows you to narrow down your search using a number of factors, including:

  • Brand
  • Location of seller
  • Price

These filters make your buying experience much easier and more efficient. Once you’ve selected your preferences, view the available listings and find the product that’s right for you. Pick the product you want and then enter your contact details and the seller will be in touch.

Not sure where to start? Browse our available listings of used McHale bale wrappers to get started.