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Product group
Self-propelled sprayers
Brand / model
Amazone UX 5201
Year of manufacture
Machine Location
CM13SS Writtle England
United Kingdom
Mascus ID


Other information
Introducing the Amazone UX 5201 Super Trailed Sprayer – a game-changer in precision crop protection. With a versatile boom width of 21 to 48 meters, a 5,200-liter nominal volume, and a robust pump capacity of 520 litres per minute, it excels in delivering accurate and efficient results. Crafted with a strong and elastic wide-profile steel frame, the UX 5201 Super ensures stability in challenging conditions. Safety is prioritised with versatile axles, accommodating tire sizes up to 520/85 R46 and allowing permissible speeds of up to 60 km/h with the ALB system. Beyond its robust construction and precision capabilities, the UX 5201 Super prioritizes user comfort. Designed for easy handling and adjustment, it reduces operator fatigue during long hours in the field. Experience the future of efficient crop protection with the Amazone UX 5201 Super Trailed Sprayer – where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of modern agriculture, seamlessly combining precision, reliability, and operator comfort.Show more

Crawfords Group

Fox Burrows Lane CM1 3SS Chelmsford Essex United Kingdom
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