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Bvl mixer feeders for sale

Buy or sell your used mixer-wagons on our platform. Browse our available listings of used diet feeders to efficiently weigh, mix and distribute your feed today. Popular brands like Triolet, RMH and Keenan are available. View the current listings and find out how to join us as a member to buy or sell your used feed wagons for cattle.
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BvL V-Mix 12 LSImages22
BvL V-Mix 12 LS

Mixer feeders • 2008 • Duizel, Noord-Brabant, NL • EVAX BV

4,063 GBP
BvL V-Mix 20 2S LS Plus voermengwagenImages10
BvL V-Mix 20 2S LS Plus voermengwagen

Mixer feeders • 2013 • Abemec Occasions Centre Veghel, NL • Abemec bv

12,789 GBP

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BvL van Lengerich VMIX 12 LS PlusImages11
BvL van Lengerich VMIX 12 LS Plus

Mixer feeders • 2007 • Abemec Occasions Centre Veghel, NL • Abemec bv

8,126 GBP
BvL - van Lengerich V-Mix Plus 15N - 2SImages13
BvL - van Lengerich V-Mix Plus 15N - 2S

Mixer feeders • 2022 • 83104 Tuntenhausen, DE • Eder GmbH Landmaschinen

BvL VMix8LSImages9

Mixer feeders • 2007 • Barsinghausen OT Groß Munzel, DE • LVB Steinbrink GmbH

5,304 GBP
BvL V-MIX 20 H2 SImages8
BvL V-MIX 20 H2 S

Mixer feeders • 2014 • Neunburg v.Wald, DE • BayWa AG - Obertraubling

14,970 GBP
BvL - van Lengerich V-Mix 12 LSImages7
BvL - van Lengerich V-Mix 12 LS

Mixer feeders • 2005 • 83104 Tuntenhausen, DE • Eder GmbH Landmaschinen

4,241 GBP
BvL V Mix 10 TImages17

Mixer feeders • 2004 • Langenau, DE • CLAAS Württemberg GmbH, Langenau

3,849 GBP
BvL V-Mix 17N 2SImages12

Mixer feeders • 2011 • Euskirchen, DE • Josef Greving e.K. Inh. Henrika Werlemann-Greving

12,746 GBP
BvL - van Lengerich V Mix 13-2SImages9
BvL - van Lengerich V Mix 13-2S

Mixer feeders • 2012 • -, DE • Clemens Hoping GmbH

20,487 GBP
BvL V Mix 13-2SImages9
BvL V Mix 13-2S

Mixer feeders • 2016 • Rietberg, DE • Deppe & Stücker GmbH

19,585 GBP
BvL - van Lengerich V-MIX 14 1SImages7

Mixer feeders • 2010 • 28876 Oyten, DE • Mager & Wedemeyer Maschinenvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

7,057 GBP
BvL V-MIX 10Images11

Mixer feeders • 2004 • Cloppenburg, DE • August Bruns Landmaschinen GmbH

3,559 GBP
BvL V-Mix 10Images8
BvL V-Mix 10

Mixer feeders • 2014 • 1h • -, PL

9,706 GBP
BvL V-Mix 36-3SImages5
BvL V-Mix 36-3S

Mixer feeders • 2022 • Hobro, DK • Agrotek

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Types of mixer-wagons

There are three main types of bodies used in a mixer-wagon, or diet feeder:

  • Paddle – contains a central shaft that rotates on an axis and turns a number of paddles that mixes the feed from front to back in the feeder.
  • Horizontal auger – contains 1-5 augers which move the feed from the bottom to top, and front to back of the mixer-wagon.
  • Vertical auger – contains 1-3 augers that moves the feed from the top to the bottom of the wagon.

How to sell second-hand diet feeders

If you own a Trioliet Solomix wagon that you’re looking to sell, you can do so on Mascus. Sign up as an End User if you only have one diet feeder to list. Alternatively, to become a regular seller, sign up as a Dealer and reap the following benefits:

  • Use our Mascus Price Indicator: an online service that will provide you with an automatic valuation of your used mixer-wagons, so you don’t have to rely on your own research.
  • Import your stock automatically: with an XML feed of your stock from your website database we can automatically update your stock on our site, so that you don’t have to.
  • Create a mobile-friendly version of your account: as half of global internet users now browse from their phones, make transactions easier by creating a version of your account suited to mobile use.

After becoming a member, create your advertisement for your second-hand mixer-wagons. Include plenty of clear images and highlight all of the important selling points to draw in customers and sales. A user will contact you if they are interested. Read on to discover how you can buy your own used agricultural equipment.

How to buy used mixer-wagons

Are you looking to buy a second-hand Keenan mixer-wagon? See what’s available in our current listings, some of our top brands include:

Narrow down your search by selecting your preferred location of seller, cost and brand name. Make sure you view any product photos and information that has been provided to check the used mixer-wagon meets your requirements. Once you’re happy, contact the seller by filling out the details form provided and they will be in touch.

Not sure where to begin? Start by looking at the available used Trioliet mixer-wagons.