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Used Sisu trucks for sale

Here are the search results of used Sisu trucks machines for sale at Mascus. Sisu trucks ads can be sorted by price, year of production, or country. You can also use the left-hand side navigation to narrow your search, or read more about Sisu trucks in Brands section.

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  • Sisu E12, 2004, Tipper trucksSisu E12M 8x4 tipper truck w / underlying blade & sprea

    Tipper trucks
    2004 410,000 km
    Norway, Nordland

    21,583 GBP
  • Sisu E14, 1998, Tipper trucksSisu E14MK-AKK-8X2Latest inspection: 20200701, Registration year: 19980522, Axle configuration: 8x2, Suspension type: Parabolic-air, Engine output: 525, Engine displacement: 14010, Transmission: MANUAL, Gross Weight: 31000, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 8850x2600

    Tipper trucks
    1998 150,000 km
    Finland, Tampere

    8,499 GBP
  • Sisu E11, 2004, Tipper trucksSisu E11M KA-PP 8X2 170+305+130Latest inspection: 20200403, Registration year: 20040427, Axle configuration: 8x2, Suspension type: Leaf-leaf, Engine output: 412, Engine displacement: 11110, Transmission: AUTOMATIC, Gross Weight: 31500, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 8900x2550

    Tipper trucks
    2004 450,000 km
    Finland, Turku

    17,084 GBP
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    Sisu R500, 2008, Crane trucksSisu R500Damaged: Operates As Intended, Registration year: 2008, Full service history: Yes, Latest inspection: 2020-09-07, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Amount of previous owners: 2, Axle configuration: 8x4, Maximum lift capacity: 15800, Emission class: Euro 4, Suspension type: Parabolic-parabolic, Cabin: Sleeper cab, Crane make: Palfinger 78002 + jib 125, Drive: Left hand

    Crane trucks
    2008 400,000 km
    Finland, Uusimaa

    130,494 GBP
  • Sisu R500, 2006, Tipper trucksSisu R500 8x2Latest inspection: 05.06.2020, Engine output: 504.56

    Tipper trucks
    2006 990,000 km
    Finland, Turku

    16,226 GBP
  • Sisu E11, 2006, Chassis Cab trucksSisu E11MAmount of previous owners: 1, Registration year: 25.1.2006, Axle configuration: 6x2, Emission class: Euro 3, Wheelbase: 4750 + 1350, Suspension type: Parabolic-air, Cabin: Sleeper cab, Drive: Left hand, Engine output: 410.61, Engine displacement: 10820, Transmission: manuaali, Max. payload: 12450, Gross Weight: 26000, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 10.2 x 2.5

    Chassis Cab trucks
    2006 1,336,749 km
    Finland, Kankaanpää

    6,010 GBP
  • Sisu E11, 2003, Flatbed / Dropside trucksSisu N3 E11Registration year: 2003, Axle configuration: 8x2, Emission class: Euro 3, Engine output: 410.61, Gross Weight: 13900

    Flatbed / Dropside trucks

    21,033 GBP
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  • Sisu E14, 1997, Tipper trucksSisu E14MAxle configuration: 8x2

    Tipper trucks
    Finland, Joensuu

    9,014 GBP
  • Sisu CM13M KA-KKA-10x4/4250, 2019, Tipper trucksSisu CM13M KA-KKA-10x4/4250Axle configuration: 10x6/4, Wheelbase: 4250, Suspension type: Parabolic-leaf, Engine output: 530.7, Engine displacement: 12809, Transmission: Automaatti, Gross Weight: 41500, Colour: Valkoinen

    Tipper trucks
    2019 45,000 km
    Finland, Turku

    171,273 GBP
  • Sisu E12, 2004, Cable lift demountable trucksSisu E12 4x4+2NelivetoBody type: Cable lift, Latest inspection: 12/20, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Amount of previous owners: 1, Registration year: 2004, Demountable brand: NCH, Axle configuration: 4x4*2, Suspension type: Parabolic-parabolic, Cabin: Sleeper cab, Drive: Left hand, Engine output: 479.95, Engine displacement: 11920, Engine Manufacturer: Mack, Transmission: Manuaali ZF

    Cable lift demountable trucks
    2004 782,000 km
    Finland, PORI

    57,949 GBP
  • Sisu E11, 2002, Tipper trucksSisu E11 8x4 / 475 LämpölavaRegistration year: 2002, Axle configuration: 8x4, Wheelbase: 4750, Suspension type: Parabolic-parabolic, Cabin: Sleeper cab, Drive: Left hand, Engine output: 410, Engine displacement: 11000, Transmission: Manuaali ZF, Max. payload: 16800, Gross Weight: 31600, Cargo Space: 1.4e+007, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 5.8 x 2.5 x 1

    Tipper trucks
    2002 764,000 km
    Finland, Seinäjoki

    12,448 GBP
  • Sisu C600, 2008, Timber trucksSisu C600Registration year: 2008, Engine displacement: 15200

    Timber trucks
    2008 720,000 km

    34,255 GBP
  • Sisu Polar 10x4 Fassi 1300, 2016, Crane trucksSisu Polar 10x4 Fassi 1300Registration year: 2016, Axle configuration: 10x4, Crane make: Fassi F1300RA.2.26 L616, Engine output: 625.43, Max. payload: 6550, Tank volume: 390

    Crane trucks

    274,723 GBP
  • Sisu Crane CK 16-580 hv 10x4 Hiab 1058 E8 + Jib X6, 2021, Crane trucksSisu Crane CK 16-580 hv 10x4 Hiab 1058 E8 + Jib X6Wheelbase: 4950, Suspension type: Parabolic-leaf, Engine output: 581.1, Transmission: Automaatti, Gross Weight: 41000, Colour: Musta

    Crane trucks
    Finland, Turku

    414,660 GBP
  • Sisu R500, 2006, Tipper trucksSisu R500 8x2 kasettiyhdistelmäRegistration year: 2006, Axle configuration: 8x2, Wheelbase: 465 cm, Suspension type: Parabolic-parabolic, Cabin: Sleeper cab, Engine output: 500, Engine displacement: 13000, Transmission: Manual gearbox, Body options: Air conditioning

    Tipper trucks
    2006 1,000,000 km
    Finland, Volvo Truck Center Turku - Lieto

    28,245 GBP
  • Sisu E12, 1999, Cable lift demountable trucksSisu E12Engine output: 470, Engine displacement: 12000, Gross Weight: 26000

    Cable lift demountable trucks
    1999 750,000 km
    Finland, Kiiminki

    8,648 GBP
  • Sisu DK 16M K 8*2, 2011, Tipper trucksSisu DK 16M K 8*2Amount of previous owners: 2, Axle configuration: 8x2, Emission class: Euro 5, Transmission: Manuaali

    Tipper trucks
    2011 835,000 km

    32,623 GBP
  • Sisu yhdistelmä Jykin perävaunulla PZY-543, 2004, Box body trucksSisu yhdistelmä Jykin perävaunulla PZY-543Axle configuration: 8x2, Suspension type: Leaf-parabolic, Engine output: 419.1, Engine displacement: 10820, Transmission: Manuaali, Gross Weight: 39500, Wheelbase: -

    Box body trucks
    Finland, Turku

    20,518 GBP
  • Sisu Polar CM 16 M 8x4/4450, 2013, Tipper trucksSisu Polar CM 16 M 8x4/4450Axle configuration: 8x4, Wheelbase: 4450, Suspension type: Parabolic-leaf, Engine output: 598.8, Transmission: Automaatti, Gross Weight: 32864, Colour: Punainen

    Tipper trucks
    2013 268,000 km
    Finland, Turku

    67,822 GBP
  • Sisu E12, 2000, Other trucksSisu E12 8x2

    Other trucks
    2000 960,000 km
    Finland, Pori

    25,755 GBP

SISU Trucks

SISU is an international truck manufacturing company. They opened their doors over 77 years ago in 1931 with their first factory in Finland, but soon spread their marketing operations throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Currently the company employs over 170 employees and has a turnover of over 100 million Euros a year.

They produce and market tailored made trucks in over 40-ton gross vehicle load class to diverse group of clients with annual production of 500 high quality vehicles. One of the customers for Sisu Trucks is UN to whom they sell military vehicles, while another is Ust Ilimsk, the biggest international forestry organization in Russia who recently purchased 91 timber trucks to service their operations in the Irkutsk region.

Top Models of SISU Trucks for Sale

Listed below are some of the categories of used trucks they provide.

SISU Rock is a gravel moving truck with a robust framework that provides stability and easy maneuverability. Its light weight permits maximizing of a payload.

SISU Crane is advertised as the only crane truck to be able to perform 360 degrees of lifting. It is build to be very torsion rigid, and can be modified according to a specific need of the customer.

SISU Timber is a timber transportation truck tailored to accommodate extremely heavy loads. It is optimized to work under dire arctic conditions. It is available as 6x2 or 6x4, but in both versions the last axle can be lifted even when loaded. Specially designed for rough dirt roads, all of its chassis components, including pipes and tubes, and the fuel tanks are additionally protected.

SISU Roll was designed for urban use, and thus its lightweight and high maneuverability permits agile handling in smallest of spaces.

Whatever SISU truck the company produces, it assures its customers of receiving the highest quality, durability and diversity. You can find number of well preserved and used SISU used trucks for sale through their Mascus contact.