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Used BMW trucks for sale

Here are the search results of used BMW trucks machines for sale at Mascus. BMW trucks ads can be sorted by price, year of production, or country. You can also use the left-hand side navigation to narrow your search, or read more about BMW trucks in Brands section.

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BMW trucks

BMW has been in business since 1916, and has developed a reputation for excellent machines. While mostly known for their domestic car offerings, especially in the luxury and sport models, BMW also produces a number of trucks. These were primarily developed for the American truck market and are designed more for aesthetics than for heavy lifting. As such, there are no proper BMW tractors or other large trucks, only pickups and other smaller trucks intended for the domestic market. Additionally, most of their “trucks” are actually converted sedans whose truck and rear passenger space has been swapped out with a truck bed.

Top Models of BMW Trucks for Sale

That being said, BMW trucks are known to have many of the characteristics of their sporty counterparts. They offer excellent handling and are known to be reliable and well constructed. While they are limited in carrying capacity, they are ruggedly designed within their specifications and offer more than enough power to haul any object large enough to fit into their truck bed. BMW has designed and produced engines for many foreign truck manufacturers, so buyers can be certain that used BMW trucks still conform to BMW’s original standards. Note also that many dealers and websites will consider the BMW X3 and BMW X6 to be trucks even though they are actually SUVs, because all SUVs have truck bodies in order to meet with American and European standards for emissions and safety.

Many BMW trucks are actually modified BMWs. This is often achieved by starting with a BMW van or sedan and removing the rear seats in favor of a truck bed. As such, purchasers should examine the installation to ensure it has taken the original design and construction of the vehicle into account. A poorly installed or mounted truck bed would not only offer inferior storage capacity, but would potentially pose a safety risk should it come free of its mountings or place too much stress on the rear suspension.