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Used Robot Mowers For Sale

Looking for a convenient way to cut your grass? Cutting down on maintenance costs? Maximise efficiency and save yourself some time with a used robot mower from our extensive list of sellers. Buy or sell your used robot lawn mowers from our garden and landscape equipment sector – including John Deere and Husqvarna automowers.
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Benefits of Robot Mowers

There are several factors and considerations to weigh up before purchasing a used robot mower. Here are some of the benefits that buyers can expect to receive:

  • Convenience. Robot lawn mowers do the job automatically, without needing your help – meaning more time for you and other pressing jobs.
  • Safety. Traditional mowers have large, fast moving blades that can be dangerous – especially for small children. Whereas robot mowers use small blades that are fully enclosed under the mower, therefore making them safer. They also typically have sensors that stop the blades when the mower is lifted or moved
  • Low maintenance. Robot lawn mowers require low maintenance as they have few inexpensive blades that need not be replaced more than once or twice a year. There are no filters or oil to change and the replacement of batteries will depend on how much you use it.
  • No grass cuttings. With a robot mower, there are no cuttings to deal with. They mulch the material, cutting the clippings into small pieces and returning them to the lawn which provides additional nutrients that helps to regrow the grass.
  • More environmentally friendly. When you compare an automower to electric and standard models, they are much better for the environment. They don’t need to be plugged in all of the time and they don’t release gas emissions and harmful toxins.

Find out how to buy and sell your used robot mowers below.

How to Sell Used Robot Mowers

Selling your used John Deere robot mower? Selling your second-hand agricultural equipment with Mascus is easy. Start off by securing your membership. You can sign up as an End User for a quick, one-off sale, or become a Dealer if you’re looking to sell more items in the future. As a Mascus Dealer, you’ll gain access to multiple membership benefits, including:

  • Banner Advertisement: Increase your reach as a business by targeting a wider audience – bringing in more customers and boosting revenue and sales.
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  • Logo Visibility: See your unique logo in the search results to bring instant brand recognition to your listings, boost your visibility and improve customer awareness.

Once your membership has been approved, you can begin to create the listing for your used robot mower. To ensure your listing will attract buyers, include plenty of clear images from a range of angles so the customer can see the quality of your second-hand automower. Note down all of the key product information, including the brand and model names, the condition of your item, price, location and more. The more information you can include the better, as this will benefit the buyer and make them more inclined to make a purchase. Anyone who is interested will be in touch. Find out how to contact sellers about buying their used robot mowers below.

How to Buy Used Robot Mowers for Sale

Want to get your hands on a Husqvarna automower for a fraction of the price? We have a selection of used robot lawn mowers available to purchase from various sellers. If you’re looking for a particular type of robot mower, refine your search using the search panel. From brand and price to location of seller, you’ll be able to narrow down the listings to suit your specific requirements. To complete a purchase, fill out the details form provided, and the seller will be in touch.

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our current listings for used Husqvarna automowers.