Teknamotor Skorpion 280SDB - Holzhacker Häcksler Chipper

Product groupWood chippers
Brand / modelTeknamotor Skorpion 280SDB - Holzhacker Häcksler Chipper
Year of manufacture2019
Extra optionsNew/unused
Mascus IDA7D050AE
Price excl. VATPOA
Full service historyYes
General grade (1 min - 5 max)5
Transport weight1,550 kg
Transport dimensions (LxWxH)3800 x 1800 x 2300
Power typeHydrostatic
Tank volume40 l
Production countryPoland
AttachmentsDer Holzhacker SKORPION 280 SDB ist in Form des speziellen Anhängers und zerkleinert die Baumstämme und die Äste mit hohem Grünanteil bis Durchmesser 180 mm.

Einzug bis max. 180 Durchmesser [mm]
Anzahl der Messer 3 Schneid- und 1 Gegenmesser
Einzugsgeschwindigkeit bis 22 [m/min]
Stundenleistung bis 10 [m3/h]
Hackschnizellänge bis 25 abhängig von Material [mm]
Art der Zuführung -hydraulischer Zubringer
Trommeldurchmesser 420 [mm]
Sieb von 30 bis 50 [mm]
Einzugsöffnung [BxH] 265 x 190 [mm]

Hubraum 1649 [cm3]
Leistungs des Motors 40,1 [PS]
Kühlung wassergekühlt
Kraftstof Diesel
Tankinhalt 40 [l]
Max. Kraftstoffverbrauch 6 [l/h]
Starteinrichtung Elektrostarter

()* - Abmessung nach Ausklappen

• Reserverad.
• Auslaufsrohr mit der Drehschemel 360° mit der Schnecke, Umleitschaufel.
• Moderne Fahrzeugbeleuchtung LED.
• Eigenes Hydrauliksystem.
• No-stress system mit Stundenbetriebszähler.
Other informationSKORPION 280 SDB is the smallest produced by Teknamotor drum-type chipper. Large loading table, 265 mm wide and 190 mm high inlet allows chipping branches with offshoots (with leaves and needles) as well as a round timber of the diameter up to 180 mm.

The feeding system consists of built on a rocker toothed roll of the diameter of 280 mm and a feeding table equipped with roll of the diameter of 200 mm, preceded by manually folded flap. This solution makes the loading much easier, improves the work of operator and increases the efficiency.

The propulsion system is a three-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine with capacity of 40,1 hp furnished with a bonnet. 40-liter fuel tank allows several hours work in the field.

A sector-type drum with three cutting knives (one rotation of the drum for one full cut) allows to achieve a very high potential of the chipper. Knives - produced out of special alloy steel and properly heat treated - can be sharpened several times - even 20 mm of the nominal size, assuring theirs long-term use.

Installed screen ensures high regularity if chips. Chips are advanced from under the screen to the fan by a screw conveyor, than discharged thorough the ejection tube. The chipper is equipped with manually swiveled by 360°ejection tube.

Safety of the operator of a chipper is ensured by a cable safety switch attached, which - by pulling the cord in any direction - causes the hydraulic feed system to stop immediately. Unlocking the system takes place by releasing / unlocking the EMERGENCY STOP button to the work position.

As a standard, the chipper is also additionally equipped with one of the most advanced electronic system of work control available on European market automatically protecting the propulsion system of the machine against overload/excessive duty through temporary stopping the feeding unit. Easily editable software of the No-stress system provides a simple way to change the settings of the machine adapting it to individual needs. Preset "thick wood" and "thin wood" modes allow fast and easy change of the operation of the chipper in order to match the current material to be shred and increase the effectiveness of work. Total- and daily- hour meter is built into this system.

Chipper Skorpion 280 SDB has got the EC Vehicle Type- Approval Certificate which allows registration of the machine and licensing it for the road traffic.

Chips made by Skorpion 280 SDB can be used as a solid fuel for heating in buildings (burning in ovens/stoves), as raw material to produce compost, for decorative purposes in gardens, parks, etc., and after additional disintegrating in a mill for production of pellets and briquettes.

Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 3750 (4460)* x 1810 x 2300 (3100)* [mm]
Weight 1550 [kg]
Branch diameter 180 [mm]
No of knives 3 cutting + 1 counter-knife
Feeding speed up to 22 [running meters/min]
Chipping capacity up to 10 [stère meters/h]
Chip width to 25 mm subject to material
Feeding unit - hydraulic feeder
Drum diameter 420 [mm]
Screen 30 - 50 [mm]
Hopper dimensions (WxH) 265 x 190 [mm]

Engine model LOMBARDINI 1603
Engine cubic capacity 1649 [cm3]
Power of engine 40,1 [hp]
Type of cooling - liquid
Type of fuel - diesel
Fuel tank capacity 40 [l]
Max. fuel consumption 6 [l/h]
Start-up electric

()* - dimension after the loading table is unfolded, during operation.

Standard equipment:
- Spare wheel.
- Swivelled by360° ejection tube with deflector.
- Electronic system of work control with hour meter.

Teknamotor Sp. z o.o.

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On Mascus UK you can find Teknamotor Skorpion 280SDB - Holzhacker Häcksler Chipper wood chippers. The price of this Teknamotor Skorpion 280SDB - Holzhacker Häcksler Chipper is - and it was produced in 2019. This machine is located in - Poland. On Mascus UK you can find Teknamotor Skorpion 280SDB - Holzhacker Häcksler Chipper and much more other models of wood chippers. Details - Full service history: Yes, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Transport weight: 1,550 kg, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 3800 x 1800 x 2300 mm, Power type: Hydrostatic, Tank volume: 40 l, Production country: Poland