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Product groupForwarders
Brand / modelJohn Deere 1010 E
Year of manufacture2011
Hours of use15,886 h
Carrying capacity2,150 kg
Reach10 m
Other informationCountry: Poland

Phone: +48 662 047 994

Crane CF 510
year of production 2011,
Long log gripper,
Automatic air conditioning of the cabin,
Swivel cabin

Operator's station - sitting, heated, air-conditioned,
Cabin - closed
Engine type - diesel
Basic accessories - no visible defects,
Hydraulic systems (pump, wires, servomotors) - complete,
Coating - green color with mechanical damage,
Dashboard - complete
Fluid leaks - sweating from the sealing places of the hydraulic system,
Efficiency and completeness of the machine - a drive test of the drive units has been made,
Repair and maintenance of the machine - not shown.
Documents regarding the course of the machine - not shown.
An attempt to operate unloaded assemblies - was made


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This John Deere 1010 E forwarders is not available anymore. This John Deere 1010 E forwarders was produced in 2011. On Mascus UK you can find more John Deere 1010 E forwarders. Details - Hours of use: 15,886 h, Carrying capacity: 2,150 kg, Reach: 10 m