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Used Hanix mini excavators for sale

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  • Hanix H 15 B, 2004, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H15B-2Engine output: 16, Certificates: CE

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2004 2,527 h
    Netherlands, Winterswijk

    7,728 GBP
  • Hanix H 15, 2018, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H15 A ** RUPSMOTOR *FINAL DRIVE*MOTORÉDUCTEUR**Latest inspection: 5, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    Netherlands, Maarheeze

  • Hanix radiografische kraan met servo bediening 26c, 2012, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix radiografische kraan met servo bediening 26cGross Weight: 4x2

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2012 2,000 h
    Netherlands, putten

    15,412 GBP
  • Hanix H17D, 2014, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H17DGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Engine output: 15

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2014 1,650 h
    Netherlands, Sint Willebrord

    12,460 GBP
  • Hanix N 350, 2017, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix N 350Latest inspection: 5, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Gross Weight: 43, Delivery terms: EXW

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    Netherlands, MAARHEEZE (EINDHOVEN)

  • Hanix H 15 B, 2007, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H15BGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2007 3,020 h
    Netherlands, Middelbeers

    8,466 GBP
  • Hanix H 75 C, 2008, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H75CGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Engine output: 55.74

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2008 3,550 h
    Germany, Kunde

    23,435 GBP
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  • Hanix H 55 DR, 2008, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H 55 DRGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Engine: V2403-Kubota, Engine output: 43.92, Engine Manufacturer: Kubota

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2008 1,924 h
    Germany, Gießen

    16,845 GBP
  • Hanix H 36 C, 2007, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H36 CGross Weight: 3500, Track width: 30, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 2.9 x 1.6 x 2.4 , Engine output: 28.96, Engine Manufacturer: Mitsubishi 1 5 l , Production country: SE

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2007 3,214 h
    Sweden, FRITSLA

    20,336 GBP
  • Hanix N 450, 2020, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix N450 *FINAL DRIVE - MANDO FINAL - FAHRMOTOR*Latest inspection: 2020, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Gross Weight: 60, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 0.34 x 0.34 x 0.42 , Guarantee: 1 år, Production country: KR

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)

  • Hanix N&B550, 2000, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix N&B550Gross Weight: 5000, Track width: 170, Bucket capacity: 150000

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2000 4,000 h

  • Hanix H27, 1990, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H27Gross Weight: 2500, Track width: 150, Bucket capacity: 100000, Engine output: 25

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    1990 2,000 h

  • Hanix H 26 C, 2010, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H 26 C

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2010 400 h

    14,761 GBP
  • Hanix H 08, 1997, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H08A minikaivinkone, levenevä alavaunuGross Weight: 800

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    Finland, Hollola

    5,105 GBP
  • Hanix H 55 DR, 2013, Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)Hanix H55 DR

    Mini excavators < 7t (Mini diggers)
    2013 2,600 h
    Czech Republic


Hanix Mini Diggers / Mini Excavators

Mini Diggerscan save you a lot of money when renovating your residential or commercial property. There are many brands out there that offer mini excavators but it is important to pick a reliable and dependable company to purchase your mini digger from. Hanix is a reliable brand that makes extremely well put together machinery. Hanix is a Japanese based company that makes all of their products and machines in Japan. They are known for their innovative ideas and expert quality. Hanix mini diggers come in many different models ranging from the HO8B to the H55DR.

Top Models of Hanix Mini Diggers for Sale

The H55DR is one of their newest models and provided excellent flexibility for the operator in tight places as well as maximum security for the machine itself. It offers a comfortable cabin to let the operator enjoy his work, and also features a functional and environmentally friendly design. This is just one of the Hanix excavators that is offered on the website, but any Hanix mini digger will give you quality results at a competitive price. Before you purchase a Hanix mini excavator it is important to know some of the basics of the actual machine. First of all Hanix mini excavators generally weigh between two and six tons. You will probably base the size of the machine on the size of the job you are going to do. You will want a smaller machine for the tighter spaces and a larger more heavy duty one for larger and longer jobs. They work great for back gardens, pools and ponds, digging ditches, and trenches for piping. You will want to do some homework on your project before getting your Hanix mini digger or you may get something that does more or less than you want it too. These machines are effective but they don't come cheap. Make sure and do your research about Hanix mini diggers for sale so that you are well educated come purchase time.