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Used JCB backhoe loaders for sale

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  • JCB 3 CX SM, 2016, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3 CX SMTraction type: 4 WD, Other information: Sandhill Plant are a used plant and new quadbike dealer based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Welcome to our advert for our 2016 JCB 3

    Backhoe loaders
    2016 1,358 h
    United Kingdom, Hockliffe

    45,000 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 2012, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3CXOriginal colour: Yes, Other information: Rock hammer not included Tier 3. 74 kW turbo engine with torque lock. One owner. Original paintwork. Hammer piped. Extendable dipper. Hit

    Backhoe loaders
    2012 6,500 h
    United Kingdom

    34,500 GBP
  • JCB 2 CX Streetmaster, 2005, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 2 CX StreetmasterGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Full service history: Yes, CE marked: Yes, Production country: UK

    Backhoe loaders
    2005 4,726 h
    United Kingdom, Gloucestershire

    16,499 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 2015, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3CXAmount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, CE marked: Yes, Other information: JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader Year New: 2015 Our Stock Ref: J03027 Serial No: 2443045 Operating Hours: 1709 Specifications: ECO, SINGLE ACTING

    Backhoe loaders
    2015 1,738 h
    United Kingdom, BuyADigger, Strood, Kent

    43,450 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX Contractor, 2013, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3CX Contractor Advanced Easy ControlOriginal colour: Yes, Other information: ** ADVANCED EASY CONTROL JOYSTICK ** One owner from new. 81kW turbo 110 BHP engine. Check valves on front arms. Hammer piped. Hydraulic qui

    Backhoe loaders
    2013 2,800 h
    United Kingdom

    45,000 GBP
  • JCB 2 CX Streetmaster, 2009, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 2 CX StreetmasterOther information: 800 Hours, Serial 91347681, 4-1 Bucket, Hammer Piping, Fixed Backhoe, Hose Reel, Manual Quick Hitch, 2 Buckets

    Backhoe loaders
    2009 800 h
    United Kingdom, np265px

  • JCB 3 CX, 2004, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3 CXOther information: JCB 3CX Sitemaster, YOM 2004. Manual Gear Box, SRS, Piped for Breaker. Quick Hitch, 45mm Digging Bucket, 6in1. Ext. Dipper, New Tyres, Ve

    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom, Ottershaw, Surrey

    24,750 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 2007, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3 CXTraction type: 4 WD, Original colour: Yes, Production country: UK, Other information: JCB 3CX Sitemaster, manual gearbox, 2007, piped for breaker, good tyres, turbo engine, 4 in 1 bucket, extra dig backhoe, very nice machine

    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

    26,500 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 1997, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3CX SITEMASTERGross weight: 7000, Other information: Used JCB 3CX sitemaster backhoe <li style="text-align

    Backhoe loaders
    1997 7,950 h
    United Kingdom

    14,750 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 2012, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3 CXOther information: JCB 3CX Sitemaster 4x4 ECO, Turbo Powershift, YOM 2012. 2500 Genuine Hours, One Owner from New, Smooth Ride. Ext. Dipper, 6in1, Piped for Ha

    Backhoe loaders
    2012 2,500 h
    United Kingdom, Ottershaw, Surrey

    36,500 GBP
  • JCB 3C, 1971, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3CTraction type: 2 WD, Body type: Fixed frame, Original colour: yes, Other information: Ideal restoration project. this Mk 2 1970 JCB 3CAttachments: We have a wide variety of Construction, transport and agricultural plant and machinery including Tractors, Excavators, Dozers, Dump Trucks

    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom, GL10 3AQ

    2,750 GBP
  • JCB 2 CX Airmaster, 1997, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 2CX AirmasterGross weight: 4000, Other information: Used JCB 2cx Airmaster backhoe / air compressor. Perkins engine

    Backhoe loaders
    1997 5,523 h
    United Kingdom

    8,750 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 2016, Backhoe loaders


    Backhoe loaders
    2016 1,153 h
    United Kingdom

    49,950 GBP
  • JCB 4 CX, 2015, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 4 CX Piling MasterOther information: 4 In 1 Bucket, Servo Controls, Aircon, Like New Tyres, Power Slide, Smooth Ride System, Air Seat, 14m Driling Depth, Only 1600 Hours, One Ow

    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom, GT BARFORD

    59,995 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 1987, Backhoe loaders


    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom, NORTH WALES

  • JCB 3 CX, 1989, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3CX SITEMASTERGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Traction type: 4 WD, CE marked: Yes, Original colour: YES, Front tyres remaining: 30%, Rear tyres remaining : 30%, Attachments: FITTED 4-1 BUCKET,EXTRA DIG BOOM,1 BUCKET,FORKS,MANUAL BOX,ALL IN WORKING ORDER

    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom, yard

    7,500 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX, 2008, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3 CXOther information: JCB 3CX Site Master, YOM 2008, Hours: 7230. Turbo Powershift, 6in1, Ext. Dipper. Forks, Quick Hitch, Excellent Condition. Export enquiries w

    Backhoe loaders
    2008 7,230 h
    United Kingdom, Ottershaw, Surrey

    28,500 GBP
  • JCB 4 CX, 2018, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 4 CXTraction type: 4 WD, Other information: 4CX 14 EXT DIPPER, POWERSLIDE 81kW (109HP) MICHELIN POWER CL CAB WITH A-C

    Backhoe loaders
    2018 266 h
    United Kingdom

  • JCB 3 CX, 2008, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3cxGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Amount of previous owners: 2, Traction type: 4 WD, CE marked: Yes, Engine: jcb turbo, Original colour: yes, Front tyres remaining: 10%, Rear tyres remaining : 30%, Certificates: CE, Other information: JCB TURBO ENGINE ,MANUAL TRANSMISSON ,EXTENGING DIPPER 3 BUCKETS

    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom, NORTHERN IRELAND

    24,000 GBP
  • JCB 3 CX ECO, 2016, Backhoe loaders

    JCB 3 CX ECOAmount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Traction type: 4 WD, CE marked: Yes, Other information: JCB 3CX Site Master Serial number 45058 Reg MH65WDT 4668 hours Year 2016 3 buckets £40,000

    Backhoe loaders
    2016 4,668 h
    United Kingdom

    40,000 GBP

JCB Backhoe Loaders

When you purchase a backhoe, there are a number of important aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Most people will look at price and affordability. Now, while there is nothing wrong with this approach, there are other important components that need to be taken into consideration as well. And if you want a backhoe that delivers on all these fronts, you will want a JCB 4cx backhoe loader. The reason is simple. The JCB backhoe delivers on all these fronts….and more.

So, what are these important attributes JCB backhoes provide? Here is a brief list:

Reliability is a major attribute of JCB backhoes. Really, when you purchase a backhoe you do not want to see it in a repair shop. That’s why it is valuable to purchase JCB backhoes. They are not prone to breaking down and also possess a long “shelf life”. This will reduce costs associated with the backhoe dramatically.

The ability to acquire parts quickly and easily in the case of repair work is critical as well. Yes, JCB backhoes are not prone to errant breakdowns. However, repair will will be necessary sometimes. The problem of not being able to access replacement equipment can cause needless delays and end up being very expensive. Since parts for a JCB backhoe loader are not difficult to order, these needless delays will not prove to be an issue.

The variety of the models is also another significant positive to purchasing JCB backhoe loaders. Because there are many different types of models available, there is no need to "settle" for whatever models happen to be available. Such a practice can greatly undermine the ability to acquire the right JCB backhoe for your needs.

There are many more reasons why JCB backhoe loaders should be the number one choice for your equipment needs. This is why serious consideration should be given to purchasing JCB backhoes when the need arises.