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Used Ford backhoe loaders for sale

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  • Ford 655 D, 1994, Backhoe loadersFord 655 DTraction type: 4 WD, Other information: ford 655d 4wd digger 1994 4 in1 bucket extradig 3 rear buckets shuttle box

    Backhoe loaders
    United Kingdom

    7,999 GBP
  • Ford 555, 1984, Backhoe loadersFord 555Other information: Ford 555 Backhoe Loader, 1984, 7450 Hours

    Backhoe loaders
    1984 7,450 h
    United Kingdom

    6,500 GBP
  • Ford 550, 1978, Backhoe loadersFord 550Traction type: 2 WD

    Backhoe loaders
    1978 7,600 h
    Netherlands, DRUNEN

    7,679 GBP
  • Ford 555, Backhoe loadersFord 555

    Backhoe loaders
    2 h
    France, Neuville saint-Amand

    3,162 GBP
  • Ford 391, 1989, Backhoe loadersFord 391Gross Weight: Horse transport, Engine: Ford, Engine output: 47

    Backhoe loaders
    1989 2,257 h

  • Ford 655 D, 1986, Backhoe loadersFord 655 DK specialGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 2, Front tyres remaining: 30%, Rear tyres remaining : 60%

    Backhoe loaders
    1986 8,342 h
    Denmark, Gjerlev J.

    8,347 GBP
  • Ford 550, 1977, Backhoe loadersFord 550

    Backhoe loaders
    Denmark, Hemmet

    3,387 GBP
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  • Ford 655, 2018, Backhoe loadersFord Styrecylinder 550-655

    Backhoe loaders
    Denmark, Aabenraa

    290 GBP
  • Ford 4500, 1973, Backhoe loadersFord 4500

    Backhoe loaders
    Mexico, Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua

  • Ford 4550, Backhoe loadersFord 4550 Styrkugler TV-249-SGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 5

    Backhoe loaders

    Denmark, Høng

    121 GBP
  • Ford 550, 1980, Backhoe loadersFord 550Traction type: 2 WD

    Backhoe loaders
    United States, RICH CREEK, Virginia

    8,341 GBP
  • Ford 555 D, 1996, Backhoe loadersFord 555DTraction type: 2 WD, Engine output: 75

    Backhoe loaders
    1996 5,384 h
    United States, RICH CREEK, Virginia

    12,554 GBP
  • Ford 555 B, Backhoe loadersFord 555BTraction type: 2 WD

    Backhoe loaders

    United States, Charleston, South Carolina

    8,341 GBP
  • Ford 655, 1987, Backhoe loadersFord 655 4 WDTraction type: 4 WD, Body type: Fixed frame, Top speed: 30, Engine output: 82

    Backhoe loaders

    8,443 GBP
  • Ford 655 C, Backhoe loadersFord 655C rendegraver

    Backhoe loaders
    12,000 h
    Denmark, Herning

    7,863 GBP

Ford backhoe loaders

Construction equipment, machinery and vehicles are among the most common and vital things necessary to complete construction projects. These vehicles and types of equipment allow construction companies to complete projects easily and efficiently. There are many types of construction equipment including backhoe loaders. Backhoe loaders are a type of bulldozer that is used to plow, dig and transport objects on construction sites. Getting a backhoe loader can be a bit of a challenge this site enables you to buy and sell a new or used backhoe loader with ease. One of the top brands of backhoe loaders is the Ford backhoe loaders.

Top Models of Ford backhoe loaders for Sale

The Ford backhoe loaders are your typical small to medium sized bulldozer that enables construction tasks such as digging and plowing. These vehicles usually are yellow in colour and are very durable. They come in multiple models such as the Ford 555 which is its best and most common one. As far as cost goes they are moderately priced for construction vehicles.

When looking to buy or sell a new or used Ford backhoe loader it can be quite a challenge. However here you can easily find a backhoe loader for sale. When looking to buy a backhoe loader all you need to do is go onto the website and look for a vehicle that best meets your needs. Once you find a vehicle that suits your construction needs, you can then contact the seller and make arrangements to purchase. For buyers it is free to search for a backhoe loader. For sellers all you need to do is list your vehicle for sale and then wait for a buyer to inquire about your vehicle. Once you find a buyer you discuss the purchasing arrangements and then complete the selling process. Whether you're in need of a new or used Ford backhoe loader, Mascus UK can help you to complete your sale or purchase.