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Used backhoe loaders Case for sale

One of the foremost leaders in the heavy equipment industry is Case Construction Equipment (colloquially known as CASE). Among CASE assortment of top-tier products is their lineup of world class backhoe loaders. Like most backhoe loaders, the line by CASE features tractors with multi-functionality. On the back of the machine is an arm with two joints controlled by three separate hydraulic shafts allowing for a wide ranged digging and lifting motion. The first hydraulic control functions as the attachment and swivel point for the machine. The second extends the reach of the machine. The third hydraulic control maneuvers the end piece of the arm. As far as backhoe loaders go, CASE is best know for their models Case 580 and the Case 695.

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Case Backhoe Loaders

Case has been the leading manufacturer of large farm and construction equipment for over 100 years. In the late 1950s, Case had designed and released their first backhoe model, Model 320. This backhoe loader was the first of many models to come.

As Case grew as a company and gained respect for their exceptional equipment, they began designing more backhoe models. Now, there are 5 models to choose from. The 580 and 590 series deliver optimal performance. All models come equipped with flip hoods and an over-center design. Pilot controls are an available option on all models.

Top Case Backhoes

The 580M Series 3 loader backhoe is the smallest backhoe built by Case. It has a 84 horsepower engine and weighs over 13,000 pounds. Build with a Case Tier III engine, this backhoe has increased fuel efficiency. With a 4-speed transmission, this loader backhoe can dig up to 14'3" deep. The 580 Super M Series 3 backhoe is a little larger than the standard 580 model. It weighs 14,2000 pounds and has a 91 horsepower engine. The digging depth is 14'5". The third loader backhoe in this series is the 580 Super M+ Series 3. Weighing in at almost 15,000 pounds, this loader backhoe provides exceptional power.

The newer models manufactured by Case include the 590 Super M and the 590 Super M+ Series 3 models. These two machines have 108 horsepower diesel engines. They both have dig depths of 15'11". The main difference between these two models is the bucket size. The Super M+ has a load capacity of 3.4 cubic feet, while the Super M can manage 1.5 cubic yards.

Case is the leading manufacturer of backhoe loaders, offering a powerful engine and outstanding performance. All models are equipped with specialized hydraulic controls, making operation smooth and easy. They also can be equipped with stabilizers which will allow for faster turn-around.