Donaldson G098293 for sale - China



Product groupOther components
Brand / modelDonaldson G098293
Year of manufacture2018
Extra optionsNew/unused
Machine LocationJining, Shandong, China
Mascus IDFB7B12AE


Price excl. VATPOA


Internal stock no.G098293
Full service historyYes
Latest inspectionyes
General grade (1 min - 5 max)
Manufacturing / Serial numberG098293
Emission levelStage IIIB / Tier IV interim
Transport weight4 kg
Transport dimensions (LxWxH)0.4*0.4*0.5
Front tyres remaining100 %
Rear tyres remaining 100 %
Production countryChina
Delivery termsFOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
CertificatesEPA, CE, ANSI
Other informationGenuine Donaldson Filter G098293 with Good Price
A052526 G082525 J008681 M120750 P117327 P142806 P164270 P167891 P171392 P173055
A065007 G082526 J008868 M120751 P117724 P142807 P164277 P167942 P171394 P173058
A080022 G082527 J008872 M122300 P117781 P142810 P164315 P167943 P171454 P173062
A092037 G082528 J009393 M140048 P118157 P142811 P164348 P167945 P171465 P173081
A112078 G090024 J009560 M170101 P118343 P142812 P164351 P169012 P171503 P173097
A120003 G090182 J009604 M190002 P118807 P142813 P164352 P169013 P171504 P173173
A120036 G090219 J009606 P002348 P119135 P143422 P164375 P169014 P171505 P173174
A132001 G090225 J009607 P002904 P119370 P143895 P164378 P169015 P171518 P173188
B085001 G100004 J009611 P002940 P119371 P145700 P164381 P169016 P171519 P173190
B085008 G100297 J009612 P003951 P119372 P145701 P164384 P169017 P171521 P173193
B085009 G100319 J009613 P004076 P119373 P145702 P164405 P169018 P171524 P173194
B085011 G110119 J009614 P004079 P119374 P145703 P164556 P169019 P171525 P173207
B085046 G110120 J009618 P004307 P119375 P145704 P164574 P169020 P171526 P173238
B085048 G110206 J009623 P007189 P119410 P145755 P164583 P169071 P171527 P173481
B085056 G110211 J009624 P007191 P119417 P145756 P164585 P169077 P171528 P173482
B100057 G110214 J009629 P013722 P119539 P145859 P164592 P169078 P171529 P173483
B100094 G110348 J009631 P015837 P119595 P148018 P164594 P169079 P171530 P173484
B100400 G112417 J009633 P015838 P119596 P148043 P164596 P169083 P171531 P173485
B105002 G112504 J009635 P016330 P119720 P148044 P164598 P169096 P171532 P173486
B105006 G118579 J009639 P016548 P119778 P148113 P164699 P169309 P171533 P173488
B105012 G120012 J009640 P016845 P119877 P148337 P164703 P169310 P171534 P173489
B105020 G120036 J009641 P016984 P120307 P148338 P164707 P169320 P171535 P173490
B120271 G120037 J009644 P017336 P120316 P148339 P164810 P169341 P171536 P173521
B120376 G120059 J009645 P017617 P120320 P148340 P164812 P169344 P171537 P173545
B120439 G120251 J024746 P017665 P120949 P148341 P164814 P169429 P171538 P173583
B120472 G120332 J024748 P017858 P121036 P148342 P164852 P169430 P171539 P173584
B125003 G130079 J024755 P020115 P121067 P148343 P164853 P169431 P171540 P173585
B125005 G130097 J024757 P020227 P121240 P148344 P164904 P169432 P171541 P173596
B125011 G130107 J190003 P020344 P121351 P148345 P164906 P169433 P171543 P173617
B140019 G138453 J190004 P020345 P121482 P148346 P164919 P169434 P171552 P173618
B140044 G140054 J190009 P020648 P121922 P148347 P164921 P169437 P171553 P173689
B160049 G140076 J190013 P040301 P122425 P148348 P165006 P169444 P171555 P173702
B160071 G140195 J190020 P100089 P122510 P148349 P165015 P169446 P171556 P173736
C045001 G140261 J190025 P100091 P122514 P148350 P165041 P169447 P171557 P173737
C045002 G140523 J190042 P100777 P122605 P148586 P165043 P169449 P171558 P173738
C055002 G150048 J190045 P100780 P123007 P148966 P165136 P169477 P171560 P173739
C055003 G150092 J190046 P100789 P123160 P148968 P165138 P169478 P171561 P173780
C055008 G150259 J190054 P100794 P123229 P148969 P165142 P169553 P171562 P173781
C065001 G158384 J190055 P100808 P123230 P149099 P165144 P169555 P171563 P173789
C065002 G160035 J190056 P100866 P123462 P150135 P165149 P169556 P171564 P173910
C065003 G160048 J190057 P101038 P123990 P150464 P165151 P169557 P171565 P173911
C065004 G160077 J190058 P101290 P124046 P150692 P165160 P169558 P171566 P173912
C065015 G160078 J190059 P101291 P124047 P150693 P165162 P169559 P171567 P173913
C085001 G160107 J190060 P101292 P124366 P150694 P165166 P169560 P171569 P173914
C085002 G160376 J190061 P101293 P124767 P150695 P165168 P169562 P171570 P173915
C085003 G160445 J190062 P101294 P124837 P150862 P165171 P170063 P171573 P173916
C085004 G160587 J190063 P101666 P124860 P151028 P165194 P170065 P171574 P173917
C085005 G160679 J240003 P101669 P124862 P151097 P165231 P170066 P171575 P173944
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On Mascus UK you can find Donaldson G098293 other components. The price of this Donaldson G098293 is - and it was produced in 2018. This machine is located in Jining, Shandong, China China. On Mascus UK you can find Donaldson G098293 and much more other models of other components. Details - Internal stock no.: G098293, Full service history: Yes, Latest inspection: yes, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Manufacturing / Serial number: G098293, Working pressure: , Required hydraulic flow: , Emission level: Stage IIIB / Tier IV interim, Max. working depth: , Cutting power: , Bucket capacity: , Transport weight: 4 kg, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 0.4*0.4*0.5 mm, Guarantee: ISO9001, Front tyres remaining: 100 %, Rear tyres remaining: 100 %, Production country: China, Delivery terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, Certificates: EPA, CE, ANSI