DAF - Used machines and vehicles

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DAF - Used trucks and transport vehicles

DAF is originally a manufacturer of trucks and cars but also military vehicles and engines. The company had its start in the Netherlands and DAF Trucks are currently in the Paccar group. The first truck, a DAF A30, was manufactured in 1949 and many models have since then been excluded. Trucks from DAF are manufactured in three sizes: LF, CF and XF.

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John Deere machinery

John Deere is an American manufacturer of tractors, agricultural machines, forest machines, groundcare machines and various types of construction machines. Since its inception in 1837, John Deere has progressed in many ways and is still developing with great success. The company bought the tractor manufacturers Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company in 1982. The company John Deere has now existed in Europe for over 50 years by buying the tractor manufacturer Lanz. The company’s founder John Deere was born in America in the 1900s where he also lived. He worked as a blacksmith and constructed a variety of agricultural machines during his lifetime. Deere came to have a thriving success in the steel industry. His company was founded in 1837 after having produced both tools by orders and from his own stock. The company developed and included the manufacture of agricultural equipment in spite of partners who felt that a development was not necessary. Of all the forest machines located in Sweden, almost every second one is from John Deere. The company offers maximum productivity, maximum utilization of technology, but the lowest operating costs. Agricultural equipment, garden machinery, tractors and diesel engines are examples of machines in John Deere’s catalogue.

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