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Used UTVs For Sale

Looking for a used UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) to get out and about safely? Designed to haul equipment and materials to locations that cannot be reached by trucks or cars, UTVs offer a safe and secure solution. Browse the available listings for used quads for sale on Mascus – including John Deere and Polaris UTVs.
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Benefits of Utility Terrain Vehicles

UTVs are suitable for smaller open spaces that require high maintenance but aren’t suitably designed for a full-sized tractor. Purchasing a used UTV comes with several benefits, which include:

  • They’re durable and able to withstand harsh conditions (like rocks, muddy terrain, shallow water) and are often more suitable for these journeys than standard cars or trucks.
  • Drivers and passengers are able to see a panoramic view without blind spots due to the open structure.
  • UTVs have a low chance of flipping due to the low centre of gravity – ensuring yours and your passengers’ safety.
  • They also have large towing capacity, suitable for transferring vast amounts of materials across wide open spaces.
  • UTVs are built with strong structures to ensure the safety of all passengers when seated and buckled within the vehicle.
    • Learn how to buy and sell used UTVs with Mascus below.

      How to Buy Used UTVs

      If you’re trying to sell your second-hand utility terrain vehicle, you can do so with Mascus. Simply sign up as an End User if you’re looking for a one-off sale. But if you have more than one piece of used agricultural equipment to sell, you’ll need to become a Dealer. That way, you can:

      • Add your logo to your search results and listings, to draw in new customers and increase brand awareness.
      • Produce branded banner adverts to promote your business to potential buyers, subsequently boosting revenue and visibility.
      • Gain access to our Inspection App, which standardises the valuation process within your company and improves the quality of data received – all you need is a smart phone or tablet.

      Once you’ve been confirmed as a member, the next step to take is creating your product listing. When doing so, be sure to highlight all key product information, specifically the brand and model names, your location and the recommended sale price. Include several high-quality product images to show the condition of your used UTV to make the process of buying online a little easier. The more detail you can provide, the more likely a user is to express interest. Learn how to contact a seller and pick up your own side-by-side UTV below.

      How to Sell Used UTVs

      If it’s a second-hand John Deere UTV you’re looking for, browse our website and the current listings for used quads for sale to find the product or part you need. Using the lefthand panel, narrow down your search by preference of brand, price, location of seller and more. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the utility terrain vehicle you’re looking for. On the product description pages you should be able to view any photos, location and product information to help you make an informed decision. Once you’re happy with your selection, fill out the details form provided. The seller will later be in touch to discuss the logistics of your used UTV purchase.

      Struggling with where to start? Take a look at our listings for Polaris UTVs.