Product groupSprayers
Brand / modelFarm Gem Diamond 3000 l 24 m/Opryskiwacz/Sprayer/ Опрыскива
Year of manufacture2015
Working width2.40
Drive configurationMounted
Tank volume3,000 l
Production countryUnited Kingdom
Other informationTrailed sprayer Diamond 3000 l 12-20-24 m

Standard equipment:

- 3000-liter low profile polyethylene tank for increased stability with easy cleaning inside with remote drain hole
300-liter external clean water tank with cam-lock filling
- 'Rota Flush' - low-capacity internal tank rinsing nozzle
- Dry liquid level indicator of the main tank
- FG 12, 21, 24 m beam made of high tensile steel with fully welded frame construction with active anti-tilt system
- Hydraulic height adjustment with gas suspension
- Self-leveling suspension with hydraulic tilt system for mountain areas
- Electro-hydraulic double check valves for folding / tilting the beam (requires double tractor hydraulic couplings)
- 6 piston diaphragm diaphragm pump with a capacity of 260 liters / min
- A rigid drawbar
- Electric starter unit supporting 4 field beam sections and pressure control
- 19 mm stainless steel spray nozzle with nozzles spaced 0.5 meter
- Liquid recirculation system in the beam
- Suction connection with 6 meter filling hose and filter
- 30-liter tank of chemical detergent equipped with a flush kit
- Robust axle equipped with rubber shock absorbers
Wheelbase 180-200 cm adjustable
- Pneumatic brake system with mechanical handbrake
- Tires 340/85 R38 with adjustable mudguards made of polyethylene
- Road lighting with reflective triangles
- Single fast replaceable anti-fog nozzle mount with nozzle kit 110-04
- Clothes storage box with clean water for hand washing
- PTO shaft (PTO)

Additional equipment (included in the price):
- Triple nozzle holder set with Hypro 110-04 spray kit
- Radar 8140 TeeJet automatic computer controls the sprayer on / off sections
- Articulated drawbar, handwheel lock
- Additional spray sections x 3 (total 7 pieces)
- Independently folding / folding beam
- Full electrohydraulic beam control
This Farm Gem Diamond 3000 l 24 m/Opryskiwacz/Sprayer/ Опрыскива sprayers is not available anymore. This Farm Gem Diamond 3000 l 24 m/Opryskiwacz/Sprayer/ Опрыскива sprayers was produced in 2015. On Mascus UK you can find more Farm Gem Diamond 3000 l 24 m/Opryskiwacz/Sprayer/ Опрыскива sprayers. Details - Working width: 2.40 m, Drive configuration: Mounted, Tank volume: 3,000 l, Production country: United Kingdom