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Used silo unloading equipment for sale

At Mascus, we understand the importance of unloading your silo for agriculture in an efficient and safe way. Buy and sell your used silo unloading equipment on our platform. With brands like Tunetank, Strautmann and Mosegård, we have a range of used equipment for silo unloading systems available to buy today. View the current listings.
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Types of Silos for Agriculture

There are various types of silos that are used to store silage and grain. Here are some examples:

Tower silo: typically unloaded from the top using mechanical unloaders. There are three basic styles of tower silo:

  • Monolithic silo: sold as a “strong” silo. Monolithic silos can be divided into two or more compartments to contain different products.
  • Steel/glass lined silo: marketed as “oxygen controlled” as they use air bags. Though they work better in certain cases, steel/glass lined silos are more expensive when built.
  • Concrete stave silo: competitively priced, but can be ordered and built within a short time period. These are usually unloaded using a different method, with augers at the top of the silo that blow grain towards the centre and out through doors on the side.

Bunker silos: inexpensive trenches that are filled and packed using tractors and loaders. Covered with a plastic tarp, these airtight silos are typically unloaded using a tractor and loader.

Bag silos: heavy plastic tubes that are unloaded using a tractor and loader, or skid-steer loader. Typically designed as a temporary measure.

Bins: typically used for storing dry products, like cement or grain, and use under-floor grain unloaders.

How to Sell Used Silo Unloading Equipment

Our platform makes selling your used silo unloading equipment easy. Become an End User to sell your silo augers and other silo unloading equipment, or become a Dealer to sell used agricultural equipment regularly. Some of the benefits of being a Dealer on our platform are:

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Once your registration has been confirmed, you can create the advert for your used silo unloading equipment. Include plenty of clear product images and highlight the key product information to encourage buyers to purchase your used agricultural equipment.

How to Buy Used Silo Unloading Equipment

Are you looking to buy a used Kuhn polycrock to add to your silo unloading systems? We have a range of used branded silo unloading equipment for sale on Mascus UK.

Our platform allows you to narrow down your search using a number of factors, including:

  • Brand
  • Location of seller
  • Price

These filters make your buying experience much easier and more efficient. Once you’ve selected your preferences, view the available listings and find the product that’s right for you. Pick the product you want and then enter your contact details and the seller will be in touch.

Not sure where to start? Browse our available listings of used Tunetank silo unloading equipment to get started.