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Used milking equipment for sale

Are you looking to increase the efficiency of your milking parlour? Buy or sell used milking equipment with ease on our platform. From popular milking brands like Delaval, Lely and Alfa Laval, browse our available listings today.
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Types of milking parlours

Your choice of milking equipment will depend on how many cows you milk, how many times a day you milk, the overall cost and your personal preference. These factors will also be reflected in the design of your dairy. The four main milking parlour designs that exist today are:

  • Parallel: there are two parallel rows of cows that are standing side by side. The only access point for the milker is down the middle and at the rear-end of the cow. All cows are in their stalls before the milking process begins and they are all released together.
  • Tandem: the cows stand nose-to-tail in individual stalls, allowing the milker to access the udder from side-on. Cows can be released one at a time.
  • Herringbone: these are most common for those with smaller amounts of cattle. The cows enter as a group in single file and stand at a 45-degree angle. Farmers can access the udder from the side.
  • Rotary: milking stalls are in a circle formation that slowly rotates. The milker can stay in one place whilst the cows come to them.

Design a milking parlour that suits yours and your farm’s needs, and discover a range of second-hand milking equipment on Mascus to complete your set-up.

How to sell used milking equipment

Sell your used Lely milking equipment on our platform with ease. All you need to do is become an End User, or sign up as a Dealer to become a regular seller. This way you’ll receive access to benefits, allowing you to:

  • Place your personalised branded logo onto your product ads to help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Create branded emails to help advertise your stock and offers, reaching more potential customers.
  • Receive stock updates every day, so that you don’t have to check yourself.

Once you’ve been confirmed as a member, you can create your advertisement to sell your used milking equipment. Include clear, bold images and detail the important product information to draw in customers. Anyone who is interested will be in contact.

Read on to find out how you can get in contact with other sellers and buy used agricultural equipment.

How to buy used milking equipment

If it’s second-hand Fullwood milking equipment you’re looking for, browse our site and discover the available listings of used milking equipment parts. Refine your search using the search panel on the left and select your preferences for price, brand and location of the seller. Be sure to view any product images and information provided by the seller to check that the milking equipment parts meet your requirements. Once you’re happy, contact the seller by filling out the details form provided and they will get in touch.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the available listings for Lely milking equipment.