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    Used Massey Ferguson agricultural harvesters for sale

    Here is a list of currently available used Massey Ferguson agricultural harvesters machines for sale at Mascus. You may sort used Massey Ferguson agricultural harvesters by price, year of production, or country. Please use the left-hand side navigation to narrow your search.
    You may also read more about Massey Ferguson agricultural harvesters in Brands section.

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    • Massey Ferguson Side Knife, Combine harvester accessoriesMassey Ferguson Side KnifeOther information: ELECTRIC COMBINE SIDE KNIFE TO SUIT MF9280 DELTA COMBINE

      Combine harvester accessories

      United Kingdom, Shefford, SG175QB

      950 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 7280, 2012, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 7280 CENTORAOther information: C/W 8 STRAW WALKER, AUTO LEVEL,RECORD CHOPPER,MARSTON TROLLEY,25FT POWER FLOW HEADER,(Serial No: 7025000057),600/60R26.5 800/65.32,737 DRUM

      Combine harvesters
      2012 965 h
      United Kingdom

      67,000 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 7370, 2018, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 7370Full service history: Yes, Front tyres remaining: 95%, Rear tyres remaining : 95%, Front tyre size: 540/65R24, Rear tyre size: 460/70R24, Other information: Massey Ferguson 7370 Beta Combine - Ex Demo Year 2018 22 foot Powerflow Header Rape Auger, left and right hand side knife Table Trailer

      Combine harvesters
      2018 168 h
      United Kingdom, Belton, Grantham NG322LX

    • Massey Ferguson 38, 1993, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 38 COMBINE HARVESTERGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Separator hours: 2203, Front tyres remaining: 70%, Other information: Massey Ferguson 38 combine harvester L reg Year 1993, 6 straw walkers, Straw chopper, 18ft header and trolley, A/C 650/75 R32 fronts 70% 279

      Combine harvesters
      1993 2,791 h
      United Kingdom, KENT

      14,950 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 520, 1978, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 520 Super 2

      Combine harvesters

    • Massey Ferguson 38, 1988, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 38General grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Full service history: Yes, Working width: 555, Engine output: 240, Cylinders: 6 cyl., Separator hours: 3037, Traction type: 2 WD, Front tyres remaining: 80%, Rear tyres remaining : 50%, Front tyre size: 30.5R32, Rear tyre size: 500/60-22.5, Production country: DK, Accessories: Air conditioning Grain head Header trailer Straw chopper

      Combine harvesters
      1988 3,037 h
      Netherlands, Oude-Tonge

      22,162 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 18, 2018, Combine harvester headsMassey Ferguson 7018General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Working width: 560

      Combine harvester heads

      11,081 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 8560, 1990, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 8560

      Combine harvesters
      1990 5,000 h

      12,410 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 7260, 2006, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 7260Working width: 610, Traction type: 2 WD, Accessories: Straw chopper Chaff spreader

      Combine harvesters
      2006 4,662 h
      Belgium, Gistel

      33,685 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson C8, 2013, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson C8Engine output: 210, Engine displacement: 6600

      Combine harvesters
      2013 290 h
      Norway, Lena

      80,394 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 44, 2013, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson C4-4WD-4,2m bordEngine output: 150

      Combine harvesters
      2013 450 h
      Norway, Stokke

      69,974 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson C8, 2013, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson C8

      Combine harvesters
      2013 655 h
      Norway, Steinkjer

      71,770 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 65, 2010, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 3065Engine output: 210

      Combine harvesters
      2010 790 h
      Norway, Kløfta

      69,525 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 16, 1987, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 16

      Combine harvesters
      Norway, Verdal

      4,940 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 4, 2018, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson Verrato V4Engine output: 150

      Combine harvesters
      Norway, Kløfta

      79,046 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 40, 1997, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson 40

      Combine harvesters
      1997 1,980 h
      Norway, Skollenborg

      24,163 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson C8, 2012, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson C8Engine output: 210, Engine displacement: 6600

      Combine harvesters
      2012 599 h
      Norway, Stjørdal

      70,513 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 540, 2007, Combine harvester headsMassey Ferguson 540 - headerGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4

      Combine harvester heads

      8,533 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 6, 2018, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson C6Engine output: 175

      Combine harvesters
      2018 30 h
      Norway, Borgenhaugen

      82,190 GBP
    • Massey Ferguson 38, Combine harvestersMassey Ferguson MF 38General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4

      Combine harvesters



    Massey Ferguson Combine Harvesters

    The Massey Ferguson line of combine and harvester equipment dates back to 1938, when their first self propelled combines came on to the market place. The Massey Ferguson combines have the fastest unloading rate at 4.5 bushels per second, which is faster than any other combine currently available. In fact, their combines unload the crop up to 60 times faster than the closest competitor.

    The Top Massey Ferguson Combines

    The Massey Ferguson line of combines currently has several great options to choose from. Their 9005 series has three different combines available. All three available combines have inline a six cylinder engines and four-speed transmissions. The first version, the MF 9695, has a gross engine horsepower of 300, and is a class VI combine. It is also the largest and roomiest of all combines available, with up to 33% more cab room than other available brands. This model contains a Sisu Diesel Citius 84 CTA engine, and holds up to 160 gallons of fuel. It will hold up to 300 bushels of crop between off-loads. The second version, MF 9795, has a gross engine horsepower of 350, and is a class VII combine. This model can be equipped to hold up to 350 bushels, and is therefore a great cash crop producer and the largest of all class VII combines that are currently available. This model also contains the Sisu engine found in the MF 9695 model, and also holds 160 gallons of fuel. The third version, the MF 9895, has a gross engine horsepower of 425, and is a class VIII model. This combine is known for both its power and performance capabilities. This particular model has the CAT C13 Acert model engine, and has a 230 gallon fuel tank. The MF 9895 model will also hold up to 350 bushels of crop between off-loads.