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Ursus tractors for sale

Here is a list of currently available used Ursus tractors machines for sale at Mascus. You may sort used Ursus tractors by price, year of production, or country. Please use the left-hand side navigation to narrow your search.

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Ursus 3514Images10

Tractors • 1994 • 3256h • Stirling, Others, UK • AGRITRAC EXPORTS LTD

6,750 GBP
Ursus 4011Images6
Ursus 4011

Tractors • 1971 • 4984h • Licytacja na portalu Flotilo.pl; Auction on Flotilo.pl, PL • FLOTILO

2,808 GBP

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Ursus U-4150Images8
Ursus U-4150

Tractors • 2017 • 2700h • -, PL • Ekodrom Sp z o o

33,098 GBP
Ursus 1212 De LuxeImages13
Ursus 1212 De Luxe

Tractors • 1982 • 4800h • -, DK • Gludsted Maskinhandel

9,147 GBP
Ursus c382Images8

Tractors • 2017 • 180h • Dolní Radechová, Královéhradecký, CZ • AGROTIP - Široký s.r.o.

21,901 GBP
Ursus 5314Images1

Tractors • 1998 • 6000h • GR, GR • ΚΑΡΥΠΙΔΗΣ ΧΑΡ.

10 GBP
Ursus 1634Images11Videos1

Tractors • 1995 • 4780h • Sjørup Group A/S tel. +45 97 54 83 00, DK • Sjørup Group A/S

Ursus 3512Images1
Ursus 3512

Tractors • 1991 • -, PT • AGRIPRONTO

Ursus C-335

Tractors • 1990 • -, GR • ΤΣΑΒΔΑΡΙΔΗΣ

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Ursus Tractors

URSUS tractors are not the most well-known tractors on job today. In fact, many agricultural workers are curious about URSUS tractors’ productivity level and ease of use. Some key information can be gleaned from studying the history of URSUS tractors and understanding that the company was build on solid values. In turn, the products they build come from and have the same solid foundation.

Ursus History - Top Models of Ursus Tractors for Sale

URSUS tractors has had a varied history, yet the company has plugged along through hardship and discouragement to create a tractor brand name that is growing in reputation and quality each day.
URSUS Tractors Mechanical works is a company whose history dates back to 1893 Warsaw. URSUS Tractors was a company that focused on the production of products that assisted in agricultural endeavors. URSUS Tractors produced its first tractor in 1922.
By the 50's, URSUS Tractors was producing tractors by utilizing Zector based design modules. These design structures were very successful.
By the 70's, URSUS tractors joined forces with Massey Ferguson in a licensing deal for tractor design. Despite this URSUS tractor production fell off throughout the 80's and 90's. URSUS started off producing over 50,000 tractors each year in 1980 to approximately 15,000 each year in 1995. This is because URSUS tractors had incurred significant debt because of their expansion program with Massey Ferguson.
This deal never took URSUS in the direction they wanted to go. URSUS tractors had expected to grow to become one of the leaders in tractor production, yet it had to struggle to keep its head above water.Always a steadfast company founded on traditional values, URSUS tractors made good on all of its outstanding debts and moved forward as best it could. By 1996 all the debt was eliminated, but rebuilding the URSUS tractors was hard to accomplish. URSUS tractors was selling less than 1700 tractors a year in 2006 and the number continued to decline.
Recently numbers of URSUS tractors for sale are growing and the production level is keeping good time. If you are looking for a quality truck at a good price, you can take advantage of this time of company rebuilding to find a great machine.