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Schäffer tractors for sale

Here is a list of currently available used Schäffer tractors machines for sale at Mascus. You may sort used Schäffer tractors by price, year of production, or country. Please use the left-hand side navigation to narrow your search.

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Schäffer T9640Images18
Schäffer T9640

Tractors • 2018 • 5529h • Blairdrummond, Central, UK • AGRITRAC EXPORTS LTD

46,000 GBP
Schäffer HL 3033SImages8

Tractors • 2006 • 5350h • 189028, DE • AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland-Ems GmbH, Fil. Steinfurt

19,579 GBP

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Schäffer Dung- und Silagezange 0,90mImages5
Schäffer Dung- und Silagezange 0,90m

Tractors • 2020 • Rollwitz, DE • Titan Machinery Germany

1,103 GBP
Schäffer Leichtgutschaufel 1,20mImages5
Schäffer Leichtgutschaufel 1,20m

Tractors • 2020 • Rollwitz, DE • Titan Machinery Germany

675 GBP
Schäffer Dung- und Silagezange 1,20mImages5
Schäffer Dung- und Silagezange 1,20m

Tractors • 2021 • Rollwitz, DE • Titan Machinery Germany

1,214 GBP
Schäffer 2630Images7

Tractors • 2022 • 19h • 189019, DE • AGRAVIS Technik Lenne-Lippe GmbH, Fil. Hövelhof

Schäffer 9310Images4Videos1
Schäffer 9310

Tractors • 2010 • Sjørup Group A/S tel. +45 97 54 83 00, DK • Sjørup Group A/S

Schäffer 460Images5Videos1
Schäffer 460

Tractors • 2011 • Sjørup Group A/S tel. +45 97 54 83 00, DK • Sjørup Group A/S

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Schäffer Tractors

Schäffer is a well known name in the UK for quality loaders. The Schäffer company offers several models of agricultural, horticultural and landscaping products. Mascus offers various types of used Schäffer tractors for sale. The used models are in sound mechanical shape. The hours of use for each tractor are posted on the Mascus site to help the buyer determine the soundness of the motor and inner machinery of the tractor being considered for purchase. The tires are evaluated for thread remaining on the tires. tractors have several models and types of machinery for use in clearing land, farming and warehouse.The varied models have power and attachments to tailor the tool suit the needs of each buyer. Some of the models are automatic or hydrostatic driven and others are manual transmission driven. Each of the models have the muscle needed to get the job done.

Top Models of Schäffer Tractors for Sale

The Schäffer 930 T has a 129 horse power engine and can have several attachments to change the function of the machine to fit the buyers need. The Schäffer 326S model has a 25 horse power engine. The usedSchäffer332 tractor has two blades for scraping and clearing land. The Schäffer 332 has a 32 horse power engine. The Schäffer 550 T has sealed cab to prevent dust and debris from being a problem during loading and clearing. Some of the loaders offer telescoping arms and joysticks for easier control and manipulation of the materials. Most models have roll bars or cabs to prevent damage to the operator in the event of a roll over due to heavier than suggested loads. Schäffer equipment has safety features to ensure safer operation in the field. The Schäffer tractors and loaders are reliable and dependable made machinery for use in the agricultural, landscaping and horticultural fields and are brought to you by Mascus.