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Kuhn mineral spreaders for sale

At Mascus, we’re one of the UK’s leading online marketplaces for the trade of used agricultural equipment. Looking for reliable fertiliser spreaders for sale? Find popular brands below, including Rauch, Bogballe and Amazone spreaders. View the current listings of used fertiliser spreaders.
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Kuhn MDS 1142Images2

Mineral spreaders • 2004 • Ross-On-Wye, Hertfordshire, UK • Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd

2,650 GBP
Kuhn MDS1121Images6
Kuhn MDS1121

Mineral spreaders • 2000 • -, FR • PATOUX EQUIPAGRI

599 GBP

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Kuhn MDS 1141Images7
Kuhn MDS 1141

Mineral spreaders • 1992 • -, FR • PATOUX EQUIPAGRI

727 GBP
Kuhn MDS 921Images6
Kuhn MDS 921

Mineral spreaders • 1996 • -, FR • PATOUX EQUIPAGRI

684 GBP
Kuhn MDS 1141Images7
Kuhn MDS 1141

Mineral spreaders • 1999 • -, FR • PATOUX EQUIPAGRI

1,069 GBP
Kuhn MDS 1141Images6
Kuhn MDS 1141


Kuhn MDS 1141Images9
Kuhn MDS 1141

Mineral spreaders • 1999 • -, FR • PATOUX EQUIPAGRI

1,360 GBP
Kuhn MDS 1141Images8
Kuhn MDS 1141

Mineral spreaders • 2012 • Preiļi, Preiļu novads, LV • SilJa SIA

1,413 GBP
Kuhn MDS 935 R2Images26

Mineral spreaders • 2007 • Nitra, Nitriansky, SK • Machine Market SK s.r.o.

5,560 GBP
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Types of Used Fertilizer Spreaders

There are three different types of fertilizer spreaders, including:

  • Drop – used for covering soil in compost or mulch
  • Rotary – used for spreading fertilizer evenly across ground
  • Liquid – good for light, domestic work, with a garden hose

Are you looking for Bogballe or Rauch fertilizer spreaders? Find what you’re looking for in our listings. Whatever the requirements needed when searching for an agricultural fertiliser spreader, we’re sure you’ll find an option that suits you. Read our instructions to find out how to use our online platform below.

How to Sell your Used Fertilizer Spreader

Do you own an Amazone fertiliser spreader for sale, or perhaps a Bogballe fertilizer spreader that you’re looking to sell? You can sell your used agricultural equipment online. To do this, you’ll need to become a member. You can choose the End User membership if you only wish to make the one sale. Or, if you have multiple second-hand fertilizer spreaders, become a Dealer and receive access to a range of benefits as a member.

Some benefits include:

  • Access to view your own stock monitoring to better track your advertisement performance
  • The option to create email advertisements for your clients
  • Access to use our reporting tool to view your advertisement performance

Once you’ve been officially confirmed as a member, create your advertisement. Include high-quality images of your second-hand fertilizer spreader for sale, and the important details a potential buyer would want to know. Then, they can access all of the information they need about your equipment before they enquire.

How to Buy Second-Hand Fertilizer Spreaders

Looking for a Bagballe fertilizer spreader? You can search the current listings using our navigation tool. Select your preferences, ranging across the location of the seller, the year of manufacture, specific brand or even the cost of the fertiliser spreader for sale in the UK.

Be sure to view any images uploaded by the seller and read all details provided. Then, fill in your contact details if you would like to enquire about a possible purchase. The seller will then contact you about their tractor fertiliser spreader for sale, and you can go from there.

Not found the right fertilizer spreader for sale yet? Take a look at the current listings of Rauch fertilizer spreaders.