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Fendt combine harvesters for sale

Here at Mascus, we specialise in the trade of agricultural equipment and machinery, including a wide range of used combine harvesters. As one of the UK’s leading online agricultural marketplaces, we stock a varied selection from a range of leading brands, including John Deere, Claas and New Holland. Browse all our current listings for used combine harvesters for sale today.
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Fendt Ideal 8TImages2

Combine harvesters • 2021 • 536h • -, UK • Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd

410,000 GBP
Fendt Ideal 8Images14

Combine harvesters • 2019 • 1054h • High Road, Whaplode, PE12 6NT, UK • Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd

235,850 GBP

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Fendt Ideal 8Images13

Combine harvesters • 2019 • 1037h • High Road, Whaplode, PE12 6NT, UK • Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd

238,750 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 7 PLImages10
Fendt IDEAL 7 PL

Combine harvesters • 2020 • 506h • Kløfta, NO • Eiksenteret Kløfta

236,146 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 8TImages8

Combine harvesters • Kleeth, DE • Wüstenberg Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Jördenstorf

239,518 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 8TImages14
Fendt IDEAL 8T

Combine harvesters • 2022 • 312h • DE-20457 HAMBURG, DE • E-FARM GmbH

517,529 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 8T GEN3Images20

Combine harvesters • 2023 • 4h • Bamberg, DE • BayWa AG Bamberg (T170)

Fendt IDEAL 7 INKL SW+SWWImages8

Combine harvesters • 2020 • 456h • 39606 Osterburg, DE • VR PLUS Altmark-Wendland eG

221,554 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 7Images24

Combine harvesters • 2022 • 199h • Manching, DE • BayWa AG Manching - GMZ

243,687 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 8 TImages6

Combine harvesters • 2021 • 758h • 182396, DE • Lorenz Rubarth Landtechnik GmbH

269,457 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 7 PLImages5

Combine harvesters • 2023 • 300h • 182396, DE • Lorenz Rubarth Landtechnik GmbH

303,674 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 7Images5

Combine harvesters • 2021 • 263h • 182396, DE • Lorenz Rubarth Landtechnik GmbH

243,795 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 9TImages16

Combine harvesters • 2021 • 749h • Neumark, DE • BayWa AG - Brandenburg/Sachsen

298,542 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 9TImages14

Combine harvesters • 2020 • 577h • Großweitzschen, DE • BayWa AG - Brandenburg/Sachsen

256,540 GBP
Fendt ideal 9tImages1
Fendt ideal 9t

Combine harvesters • 2019 • DE-23843 BAD OLDESLOE, DE • E-FARM GmbH

209,578 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 10 TImages5

Combine harvesters • 2021 • 336h • 17209 Leizen, DE • Heinrich Schröder Landmaschinen KG

Fendt IDEAL 9TImages24

Combine harvesters • 2020 • 834h • Manching, DE • BayWa AG Manching - GMZ

273,878 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 9TImages24

Combine harvesters • 2020 • 906h • Manching, DE • BayWa AG Manching - GMZ

273,878 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 7Images10

Combine harvesters • 2019 • 757h • Vetschau, DE • BayWa AG - Brandenburg/Sachsen

201,024 GBP
Fendt Ideal 7Images12Videos1
Fendt Ideal 7

Combine harvesters • 2023 • 112h • -, HU • AgroVario Kft.

312,228 GBP
Fendt Ideal 8TImages14Videos2
Fendt Ideal 8T

Combine harvesters • 2023 • 277h • -, HU • AgroVario Kft.

410,602 GBP
Fendt IDEAL 9T EXDEMOImages17

Combine harvesters • 500h • Rokiškis, Panevėžio Apskritis, LT • UAB Ivabaltė

Fendt IDEAL 9TImages5
Fendt IDEAL 9T

Combine harvesters • 30h • Kėdainių raj., Kauno·apskritis, LT • UAB Ivabaltė

Fendt Ideal 8Images4

Combine harvesters • 2021 • 685h • Dunmore, Alberta, CA • Marketplace-E Canada

326,654 GBP
Fendt Ideal 8Images13

Combine harvesters • 2021 • 132h • -, AT • ACA Center Janu GmbH

316,505 GBP
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Types of Used Combine Harvesters Available at Mascus

Find a wide selection of used combine harvesters for sale at Mascus UK. Choose the ideal one for you using our simple-to-use search engine – tailor your requirements to filter through price, continent, year of manufacture and more.

Alternatively, you can browse through our range by selecting your preferred brand. With a choice of leading brands available – including John Deere, Claas, New Holland, Case IH and more – with Mascus, you’re bound to find the perfect used combine harvester for you.

How to Sell Used Combine Harvesters

Do you have a second-hand John Deere 955 for sale? Whether you’re selling a New Holland, a Claas or a John Deere combine harvester, the process remains the same. At Mascus, we help various users with combine harvesters for sale by simplifying the process and providing an easy platform.

First, you will need to register as an End User – if you are regularly buying and selling agricultural equipment with Mascus, please register as a Dealer. That way, you can streamline the process and gain access to multiple membership benefits:

  • The Mascus Publisher Tool. With just a few clicks, you can design a branded catalogue of your stock, save it as a PDF and share it with your customers via email.
  • The Mascus Price Indicator. Receive an automatic valuation of your used milk storage equipment, so you don’t have to rely on your own research. Use the tool to estimate finance value, set a repurchase price and manage sales.
  • The Mascus Reporting Tool. View data on the performance of your online ads, stock and company profile on Mascus. Presented in graphs and tables, you have easy access to this information.

The next step is creating your advert. Be as descriptive as possible about your combine harvesters. As a general rule, the more information you can provide, the more likely you are to attract a sale – including clear, high-quality photographs which allow the buyer to see a full representation of your combine harvester. Payment for these adverts can be taken in the form of a credit card – as a Dealer, you have the option to set up an invoice scheme.

How to Buy Used Combines For Sale

Looking to buy used combine harvesters? By using our handy search engine, you can find and select your desired combine harvesters quickly and easily. This will then direct you to a product description page where you can view photographs, location information and everything you need to know about the used combine harvester.

Once happy with your choice, the next step is to fill out a contact details form for the combines for sale. This will indicate to the seller what method of contact you would prefer – telephone or email. This will then allow the seller to get in touch to discuss the logistics of your purchase.

Have you checked out our used combine harvesters for sale? Why not browse our full range of agricultural equipment online too?

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