Mascus signs a licence agreement with the media giant Vocento in Spain

London, 20th May 2010 - Mascus, the worldwide premium media for used farm machinery, construction machinery, material-handling equipment and forestry, announces its new deal with Spanish media giant Vocento. The deal sees the two companies forming a partnership in one of the top five countries in Europe for construction, agriculture, groundscare and material handling.

“We’re glad to be working with such a major media enterprise right in the heart of Europe,” says Mascus Managing Director Fredrik Larsson. “This is not the first time that we have partnered with a big media corporation, and for us it’s the ideal coming together of cutting edge online technology and a huge audience potential,” he adds.

Vocento is one of the leading multimedia groups in Spain, with interests in all areas of information and entertainment including newspapers, magazines, movie distribution and one of its key areas, the Internet. The group employs over 1500 people and has a turnover of 750Million Euros. They are also one of the country’s leading online hosts for classified sales, something that Mascus sees as key to the deal. Mascus Spain will be organised together with Vocento’s car portal ‘Autocasion’, allowing thousands of Spanish customers to access Mascus’s (www.mascus.es) portal online.

The ideal marketplace

For many years, Spain has had a booming construction market, thanks to EU finance projects. The country has concentrated not just on building houses, but in improving its infrastructure. After the effects of the global recession, and consequently Spain has plenty of surplus machinery in excellent condition for sale.

The opening of local Mascus Spanish office together with ‘Autocasion’ will enable Spanish dealers of used equipment and transportation vehicles which include products such as used trucks, to reach other European and North African countries and markets. The success of Mascus ’ concept in other locations has convinced, the marketplace that the Spanish option will be welcomed by Eastern European countries in particular, who are carrying out similar construction projects to their Spanish counterparts and will regard the Spanish market as an ideal opportunity to purchase quality equipment.

More opportunities for all European dealers

But it’s not just Eastern Europe and Africa that Mascus predicts will be keen to do business with Spain. Tomasz Odrobinski, Mascus Internationalization Director also foresees that Spain’s nearest neighbours will be queuing up to do business in the country as well. “Although this portal gives us the opportunity to expand the Spanish speaking market and include North Africa and Eastern Europe, it’s highly likely that businesses in France, Portugal and Italy will also be eager to open up trading links via the Spanish Mascus portal,” he explains. “Thanks to a relatively stable Euro, business is starting to move again and we are certain that the partnership with Autocasion is going to give us an advantage in this key part of Europe,” he adds.

Mascus also believes that a major language like Spanish is the ideal precursor to their plans to produce more Spanish portals for South America, encouraging trade between the two continents.

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Mascus (www.mascus.co.uk) - Is an electronic marketplace for used farm machinery, forestry, and groundscare equipment and transportation vehicles. Product ranges include used tractors, used trucks, diggers, box trailers, mini diggers, excavators and used trailers for sale. Mascus makes trading in used machinery and equipment quicker and more efficient by collecting in one place information about the supply and the demand. All dealers, producers, and end users are welcome to offer their used machines and equipment for sale via the marketplace.

Mascus is a trading company of Alma Media Corporation.

www.autocasion.com – Vacento’s online car portal

www.vocento.com – One of Spain’s leading multimedia organisations

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