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Humbaur Trailers

Mascus sells Humbaur trailers as well. Humbaur trailers are German made trailers, built with quality materials and designed with a special focus on safety, compatibility with other vehicles and corrosion and warping protection. Many are built with a longitudinal beam chassis for durability and safety.

Humbaur Trailers for Sale

Among other Humbaur trailers for sale at Mascus are small single axel trailers for private use and different models carry between 600 and 1000 kilograms of weight, generally used for home projects and carrying light loads attached to small vehicles. Professional Humbaur trailers are also for sale. These trailers are built in a many ways, including rear and 3-way tippers and turntable trailers, meant for business and construction. These trailers generally carry between 1600 to 2400 kilograms, suitable for most professional grade work.

Among the more specialized Humbaur products are vehicle transporters that can carry between two motorcycles to one large car, carrying between 600 and 2600 kilograms of weight. A variety of box trailers are also for sale, from standard box trailers of varying sizes to cool box trailers, freezer trailers (which can maintain temperatures of up -18 degree Celsius) and catering trailers for catering businesses. Humbaur also manufactures horse trailers that can carry between one and three horses (or up to five smaller horses on some models) and livestock trailers that can hold between 1000 and 1600 kilograms of weight.

Heavy duty, commercial and semi-trailers are also available from Humbaur, though they are generally treated as special orders rather than off the rack models. Heavy duty trailers for sale come in 3-way tipper models, construction machine flatbed and wheels-in trailers and flatbed turntable trailers. Larger trailers, commercial and semi-trailers, range up to the 40 ton gross vehicle weight.

One last word though; new parts and accessories for Humbaur trailers are available at dealer stores only.