A wide selection of used transport vehicles for sale can be found on Mascus. Ads of transportation vehicles and equipment from all across Europe have been divided in subcategories listed bellow. Please, follow the links to start browsing.

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    How does Mascus help in finding used transportation vehicles in the category?

    If you are searching for used commercial vehicles for sale you will be pleased to know that, in all subcategories you can find used transport vehicles for sale placed by dealers, by logistic companies or by truck owners. When browsing the ads, keep in mind that Mascus is not the owner of the transportation vehicles and you have to contact their seller directly. Mascus does not take part in transaction nor do we take any commission from it.

    When you find the used transport vehicle item or equipment you want, you may contact the seller using his phone, e-mail given bellow the ad or just fill in the contact request form visible just bellow the ad. When contacting seller please feel free to mention Mascus as your referrer.

    How Mascus can help me in selling my used transport vehicles?

    If you are a company who owns used transport vehicles, it is very simple and easy, just place your vehicle on our web page. How much does it cost you can read on our price list. For dealers of used transportation vehicles we have special packages with monthly fee and limit of vehicles to be place. About our special packages contact Mascus UK team.

    How to send a Want Ad request for used transportation vehicle?

    Sometimes you may can not find exactly the transportation vehicle you want to buy. We encourage you to use our Want Ad service. By clicking here you can fill in a Want Ad request where you can describe what type and brand of used transport vehicle you want to buy. You can also define the country where you want to buy it from. Your inquiry will be send to dealers of used transportation vehicles who regularly use Mascus and they will present you their offers. This service is free of charge so use it even if you have found a few trucks but still you would like to receive more offers.

    How Mascus can help me to finance or transport vehicles that I have found on the website?

    Each product card presenting available items for sale has also logos of transportation and financial services that can help you obtaining your vehicle or equipment. By clicking on the logo of one or all of them you will receive the form that you can fill and send. You will receive quotations directly by e -mail. How these services work you can learn here: financial services, transportation services.

    What are security issues I need to remember when buying used transport vehicles that I have found on Mascus?

    Mascus is not a part of the transaction and on our websites we have ads both from professional dealers and private sellers - what means in practice that anyone can place ads on our web page - same as it is in placing ads in classified magazine - so using your common sense is advisable. We have written for you few security advises you should read first. Please read our General Terms of use as well.

    Why should I register if I just want to buy used transport vehicles?

    For a registered user, Mascus has prepared many features that make browsing, comparing and sending Want ads for used transportation vehicles easier and faster. You will not need to rewrite your information or search any more for ads you have seen or contacts you have sent to already - on your profile you will be able to store them. There are new features continuously for registered users. Registration is free of charge and gives you lots of opportunities.

    How to quickly find a dealer of transportation vehicles?

    Mascus Locator is a tool that helps to locate dealers and services connected with transportation vehicles. To narrow the search results you should choose the type of services you are interested in:

    To quickly locate the companies dealing with transportation vehicles, choose the region (e.g. dealers from Europe), country (e.g dealers from United Kingdom) or city (e.g. Nottingham, Bristol, Norwich, Wolverhampton).