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Grove GMK 2035 E (4x4x4) - 2006-2013 specifications and manuals


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GMK 2035 E (4x4x4), Grove


Including hook block

Grove GMK 2035 E (4x4x4) - Special Equipment:
2nd winch-
Max. luffing jib
Max. fold hydr.-
Erection tip-
Foucault curr. br.
Add. ballast
Grove GMK 2035 E (4x4x4) - Documentation:
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First year:2006
Last year:2013
Grove GMK 2035 E (4x4x4) - Technical Specification
Carrying capacity
Engine manuf.
Engine type
at reach
Max. load torque
Undercarriage engine
Superstructure engine
Standard tyres
Max. luffing jib
Add. ballast
Disclaimer: These specifications might not be an exact match for this machine model, in which case they should only be used as guidelines.
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