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  • McCormick X6.430, 2015, Tractors

    McCormick X6.430Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 121, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Full service history: Yes, Amount of previous owners: 0, Other information: The X6 Series is the successor to the X60 range. It is powered by a new 4.5L engine delivering 121 hp. The engine meets Tier 4 Interim emission standards using the innovative SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and are equipped with the Power Plus system which boosts engine power up to 133 hp, for PTO and transport applications. It wears the new family styling, featuring a more compact design & a brand new four-post cab offering the operator a whole new level of comfort. The main technical features include a 3-stage powershift transmission with 36+12 speeds, an electronically-controlled rear hitch with up to 5000kg lift capacity & an optional 4-speed PTO. The hydraulic system has been optimised & is available either in standard version with a flow rate of 66 l/min or in closed-centre version with a flow rate of 110 l/min. The X6 tractor can be optionally equipped with a front axle and cab suspension to enhance ride comfort on road. Please give us a call for more information.

    United Kingdom

  • McCormick X60.40, 2014, Tractors

    McCormick X60.40Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 110, Front loader make: McCormick, Other information: McCormick X60.40 Tractor with Sigma 4 (Iron H30) Liftmaster Loader with 1500ky lift. Also comes with Pick Up Hitch, Boom Suspension, Euro Combi Headstock, Air Con, Radio & Air Seat. In Excellent Condition. Please give us a call for more information.

    2014 84 h
    United Kingdom

  • McCormick X6.460, 2015, Tractors

    McCormick X6.460LTractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 143, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Other information: Developed to replace the popular G-Max range. The X6L Series is designed to be a simple, economical "workhorse" that can tackle tough jobs around the farm. Driven by a BETAPOWER 16-valve, 4.5 liter Tier 4i engine with advanced SCR system delivering 143 hp, this tractor can perform in all kinds of field work, including heavy-duty applications. The tilt-up hood opens widely to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance, and the coolers located in front of the radiator open fully from a single latch to provide easy cleaning in dusty conditions, its fuel-efficient offering longer run times between refuelling stops. Featuring an 18-speed main gear box with power shuttle, optionally it can be equipped with a creeper gearbox for slow ground speeds for specialty applications as well as up to five rear remote valves for implement connection. We currently have an X6.460L INSTOCK and available for Demonstrations. Please give us a call for more information.

    United Kingdom, Gloucestershire UK

  • McCormick XTX165, 2009, Tractors

    McCormick XTX165Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 162, Front loader make: Quicke, Other information: McCormick CX105 Tractor FOR SALE with Quickie Q40 Loader, Euro 8 Headstock & passenger seat. Also comes with Pick Up Hitch, Air Con, Trailer Braking, Radio & Air Seat. Please give us a call for more information.

    2009 2940 h
    United Kingdom, Gloucerstershire

  • McCormick MTX140, 2003, Tractors

    McCormick MTX 140Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 140, Front tyre size: 480x28, Rear tyre size: 520x38, Front tyres / undercarriage remaining: 60%, Rear tyres remaining : 10%, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5

    2003 8800 h
    United Kingdom, Main address

    11,500 GBP
  • McCormick MTX135, 2009, Tractors


    2009 5992 h
    United Kingdom

    23,750 GBP
  • McCormick MTX185, 2004, Tractors

    McCormick MTX185Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Traction type: 4 WD, Engine output: 195, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Other information: In very good condition,it has been checked by our trained mechanics and no major faults have been found. Machine available for inspection in our yard in N.Ireland. We are Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Dieci and Takeuchi authorised dealer for sales and service, to guarantee about our reliability. We can organize delivery worldwide.

    2004 4760 h
    United Kingdom

    20,000 GBP
  • McCormick MC105, 2006, Tractors

    McCormick MC105Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 100, Front tyre size: 480x28, Rear tyre size: 520x38, Options: Air-conditioning

    2006 7230 h

    17,417 GBP
  • McCormick D436, Tractors

    McCormick D436Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 35, Front tyre size: 5.50-16, Rear tyre size: 12.4-28


    Netherlands, Smilde

    2,188 GBP
  • McCormick XTX165, 2008, Tractors

    McCormick XTX165 TREKKERTractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 164.5, Transmission: PowerShift, Front tyre size: 420/85R28, Rear tyre size: 520/85R38, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Options: Air-conditioning

    2008 1810 h
    Netherlands, -

    25,456 GBP
  • McCormick MC130, 2010, Tractors

    McCormick MC 130Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 130, Front tyre size: 480/65R28 MICHELIN, Rear tyre size: 600/65R38 MICHELIN

    2010 1028 h
    Norway, Førresfjorden

    39,404 GBP
  • McCormick CX75, 2007, Tractors

    McCormick CX75LTractor type: Farm Tractor

    Norway, Ålgård

    22,445 GBP
  • McCormick eldre, Tractors

    McCormick eldreTractor type: Farm Tractor


    Norway, Tynset

    998 GBP
  • McCormick X7.660, 2014, Tractors

    McCormick X 7.660Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 175, Front tyre size: 540-65-28, Rear tyre size: 650-65-38

    2014 1700 h
    Norway, Vinstra

    73,720 GBP
  • McCormick MC115, 2005, Tractors

    McCormick MC 115Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 115, Front tyre size: 480/65R28, Rear tyre size: 600/65R38

    2005 5268 h
    Norway, Vinstra

    24,440 GBP
  • McCormick CX105, 2006, Tractors

    McCormick CX105Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 102, Front tyre size: 440/65R24, Rear tyre size: 600/65R34

    2006 1990 h
    Norway, Våle

    19,951 GBP
  • McCormick MC115, 2008, Tractors

    McCormick MC115Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 124, Front tyre size: 420/65R24 - 40%, Rear tyre size: 520/65R34 - 40%

    2008 3100 h
    Norway, Grong

    27,932 GBP
  • McCormick MC115, 2008, Tractors

    McCormick MC115Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 115, Front tyre size: 480/65R28 - 50%, Rear tyre size: 600/65R38 - 60%

    2008 2830 h
    Norway, Grong

    26,435 GBP
  • McCormick T MAX100,, 2010, Tractors

    McCormick T MAX100,Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 92, Engine displacement: 4400, Front tyre size: 380/70R24, Rear tyre size: 480/70R34

    2010 1404 h
    Norway, Kløfta

    29,428 GBP
  • McCormick XTX185, 2009, Tractors

    McCormick XTX 185Tractor type: Farm Tractor, Engine output: 185, Front tyre size: 480/70x30" - 60%, Rear tyre size: 620/70x42" - 70%

    2009 3677 h
    Norway, Verdal

    37,409 GBP

McCormick Tractors

McCormick Tractors International is a UK based company known for its popular high-quality agricultural equipment. From standard tractors to specialized tractors, McCormick Tractors has been manufacturing and selling tractors for over one hundred years. At McCormick, consumers will find a variety of agricultural-related products. Originally founded in Europe, McCormick was out of business for almost forty years until its alliance with the United States. This alliance brought forth a whole new series of tractors and other agricultural equipment. McCormick is now part of KamAZ and dealers today are found across the world in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Top McCormick Tractors for Sale

Since the 1800s, this company has certainly come a long way. From twenty horse power engines to almost three hunded, McCormick tractors are heavy duty machines. McCormick's newest line of tractors, the C Max, CL, CX, F, MB, MC, and MTX, TTX, and XTX are manufactured across the globe and used daily by everyone from farmers to construction workers and the average Joe. With over 260 horse power, these tractors are certainly a far stretch from what your grandfather is used to. Each McCormick tractor varies by cosmetics and mechanics. For light jobs, the C series is the perfect tractor with around sixty PTO horse power and 160 Engine horse power. For heavy duty jobs, the new TTX is built tough with over 190 PTO horse power and 200 Engine horse power.

McCormick's philosophy has always been to "do the right thing and treat people right", which is why they have millions of dedicated and satisfied customers. McCormick has long been known for it's durable farming tractors across the globe. No matter the job, McCormick tractors are built to handle it. McCormick even backs up their word with financing and parts and services to keep your tractor in perfect condition so you can use it year after year.